Linux Around The World: Cyprus

Last Updated on February 20, 2023

Cyprus mapOfficial Languages: Greek, Turkish
Population: 1.2 million
Capital: Nicosia
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Major Industries: Cyprus has diversified its mainly agrarian economy into one based on services – including a large tourism sector and light manufacturing.

Cyprus is an island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

User Groups

LocationLinux User Group
LemesosPyData Cyprus is a group for anyone interested in data science. All skill levels are welcome.
NicosiaGDG Cyprus is an independent group of developers across Cyprus. We aim to run tech talks, workshops, study groups, networking events and hackathons as well as partner with major initiatives in Cyprus to promote and support the technical community of Cyprus.
NicosiaHigh Performance Computing Cyprus is targeted at people interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Modelling and Simulations, and applications of High Performance Computing.
CyprusHack Cyprus Community is a group for you, the coder, the designer, the engineer.

Did You Know? Despite joining the European Union (EU) as a de facto divided island, the whole of Cyprus is an EU member.

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