Index – Qt-based file manager

At the basis of the main KDE technologies is Qt, a free and open source widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces as well as cross-platform applications that run on various software and hardware. This toolkit has been in development since 1995 by The Qt Company (formerly Trolltech).

Index is a Qt-based file manager that works on desktops, Android and Plasma Mobile. It’s one of the applications in the Maui ecosystem.

Index lets you browse your system files and applications and preview multimedia files and share them with external applications.


We tested Index with Ubuntu 23.10 and Manjaro. The latter is an Arch-based distro.

Under Ubuntu, the simplest way to install Index is with the Flatpak. If you like installing Flatpaks (or AppImages, Snaps) with a GUI, we recommend using bauh. A manual installation under Ubuntu requires some effort.

Under Manjaro, there’s a package in the Official Repositories which makes installation trivial. Issue the command:

$ sudo pacman -S index-fm

Installing Index under Manjaro

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