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Gromit-MPX – desktop annotation tool

Last Updated on August 11, 2021

In Operation

Gromit-MPX ‘s main use is for making presentations of a particular application.

The program runs in the background and is activated on demand to let you draw over all your currently running applications.

The drawing stays on screen as long as you want, you can continue to use programs while the drawing is visible.

Gromix-MPX - tray - menuDepending on your desktop, you can operate the program from its tray icon.

Here’s an image showing the menu generated from clicking the tray icon.

As indicated F9 toggles painting on the screen. This lets you draw directly on the desktop, and over any window occupying that space. The cursor changes to a cross. You can then draw anywhere on the screen, highlighting an area or a button.

Annotations are removed by pressing Shift and F9 together.

The menu entries indicate the options of increasing/decreasing the thickness of lines, and increasing/decreasing the opacity of lines, but this functionality needs a pressure sensitive input device.

Undo/redo commands are cumulative. For example, sending two undo commands will undo the last two strokes. The maximum undo/redo depth is 4 strokes.

In the image below, I’ve used Gromit-MPX to focus your attention on the Viewer mode icon. This is part of the icon toolbar in the Regards photo viewer program.

Gromit-MPX - Regards

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