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Essential System Tools: QDirStat – Excellent Qt-based directory statistics

Last Updated on May 28, 2022

Other Features

QDirStat offers lots of other goodness. There’s far too much to cover in a single article.

Let’s just cover some of the most useful features.

A fairly new feature that’s been added concerns statistics showing how files sizes are distributed. There’s also a table showing the percentiles of the file size statistics, and buckets of the histogram as a table.

Other features include:

  • Fast directory reading.
  • Efficient memory usage.
  • Expand tree to various levels.
  • Breadcrumb navigation which makes traversing the file structure quicker.
  • Hierarchical tree view that displays accumulated sums in each branch.
  • Locate files by file type window.
  • Package manager support – queries the package manager regarding what software package the file belongs to and displays that information in the “Details” panel. This is supported for Debian/Ubuntu based distributions, SUSE, Red Hat, Arch Linux and others.

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Page 3 – Clean up Functions
Page 4 – Other Features
Page 5 – Configuration
Page 6 – Summary

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