DisplayCAL – display calibration and characterization powered by ArgyllCMS

DisplayCAL is an open source graphical user interface for display calibration and profiling using ArgyllCMS.

This tool calibrates and characterizes display devices using a hardware sensor.

DisplayCAL is written in Python and uses NumPy, demjson (JSON library) and wxPython (GUI toolkit). It also makes extensive use of several Argyll CMS utilities.

Features include:

  • Display calibration using one of many supported hardware sensors.
  • Profile verification and measurement report: Check the quality of profiles and 3D LUTs via measurements. Also supports custom CGATS files (e.g. FOGRA, GRACoL/IDEAlliance, SWOP) and using of reference profiles to obtain test values.
  • 3D LUT generation.
  • Profile inspection.
  • Test chart editor: Create charts with any amount of color patches, easy copy & paste from CGATS, CSV files (only tab-delimited) and spreadsheet applications.
  • Support for multi-display setups.
  • Variety of available settings such as customizable whitepoint, luminance, tone response curve as well as the option to create matrix and look-up-table ICC profiles, with optional gamut mapping, as well as some proprietary 3D LUT formats.
  • Support of colorimeter correction for different screens via correction matrices or calibration specral sample files (the latter only for specific colorimeters i.e. i1 Display Pro, ColorMunki Display and Spyder 4/5).
  • Create synthetic ICC (matrix) profiles with custom primaries, white- and blackpoint as well as tone response.
  • All instruments supported by Argyll CMS are supported by dispcalGUI.

Website: displaycal.net
Developer: Florian Hoech
License: GNU GPL v3


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