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conrad is a useful utility that helps you keep track of conferences and meetups. It’s a small, unobtrusive utility that you can add to your shell’s startup script to remind you of conference information. Functionality such as submission dates for Call For Papers is particularly useful.

conrad’s event database is updated every Monday and Thursday using a GitHub workflow. The software has crawlers for,, and a couple of GitHub resources. While you can add your own crawler, we’d like the software to support many more scrapers out of the box. The software’s usefulness is largely dictated by the comprehensiveness of its information. There’s lots of conferences that would interest Linux users that aren’t populated by the current crawlers. Focus on this issue would enhance conrad enormously from our perspective. Yes you can manually add new events but it’s a bit too much of a chore.

To be fair, conrad is a very new project. I’ll monitor developments and report any substantial improvements for Linux enthusiasts.

The GitHub repository reveals some enhancements that we might see in the future, such as a world map. But we believe the top priority should be support for more web crawlers.

Support: GitHub Code Repository
Developer: Vinayak Mehta and many contributors
License: Apache License

conrad is written in Python. If you’re keen on contributing to this project or any other Python software, you might want to learn or improve your Python knowledge. Here’s our recommended free Python books and free Python tutorials.

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