BrosTrend Linux WiFi Adapter AC1200 AC3L Review

Last Updated on January 9, 2023


Wireless connection speeds and reliability are dependent on both distance and signal obstructions. These obstructions can be the walls, floors and ceilings of various constructions, as well as less obvious objects such as metal filing cabinets. In real-world use the distances you might attain will vary according to these conditions.

We are impressed with the performance of the BrosTrend AC3L. It outperforms the AC1L in our tests with the external antennae making a difference in both strong and weak signal situations. While it costs a little more, there is a significant improvement in transfer speeds. On the downside, the cradle is rather flimsy and the key doesn’t fit snugly into its dock, showing some of the connector although this doesn’t affect performance.

Installation of the driver is a doddle under both Ubuntu and Manjaro. The installation script is well written and documented with comments.

We love when WiFi hardware providers offer Linux support. BrosTrend provides a support ticket in the event that you run into any issues installing their driver. This support covers their drivers, but not other drivers available from other sources such as GitHub repositories. Bear in mind that BrosTrend don’t support some Linux distros such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux or openSUSE.

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