Best Free Android Apps: Sugarizer – learning platform

Sugarizer is billed as a free/libre learning platform.

Sugarizer is a web implementation of the Sugar Learning Platform (SLP) to run on any device or browser. It offers a collection of educative activities coming from SLP.

Here’s a taster of the many activities on offer:

  • Mind Math – a mental calculation game similar to countdown numbers rounds. The goal is to reach a target number by performing mathematical operations.
  • Ebook Reader – a library that lets you read electronic books at ePub format.
  • Falabracman – a fun game where you collect letters to build words.
  • Physics – a physical world simulator and playground.
  • Speak – anything that’s typed is spoken aloud using a speech synthesizer.
  • Labyrinth – a lightweight mind-mapping activity.


The software is written in JavaScript. Learn JavaScript with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

FavouriteSugarizer gets our seal of approval. It’s a superb education app that’s great for children. There are lots of activities to engage kids.

We also love that Sugarizer is open source software. It’s licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

There’s a really limited range of excellent open source software available for Android. That’s the polar opposite of Linux.

Find all the great free Android apps that meet our eligibility criteria. Never pay for an Android app again!

Eligibility criteria

For an Android app to be awarded our love, it must satisfy the following criteria:
bullet-valid-icon High quality with a good set of features, stable in operation and mature software;
bullet-valid-icon No charge to use the app;
bullet-valid-icon No intrusive ads in the program;
bullet-valid-icon Open source and proprietary software can be included;
bullet-valid-icon Apps where additional functionality is available for a payment can be included where appropriate.
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