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Three Beginner-Friendly Data Mining Solutions

Data mining is no longer a mythical thing that only a handful of data scientists understand. Everyone leverages data to do their work, making data mining, collection, and processing more common than ever. In fact, you don’t have to be a data scientist with years of experience to fully leverage data for business or personal purposes.

Data mining is also becoming more accessible, thanks to the tools and resources available today. Cloud clusters that can support data mining operations can be acquired for less than $5 per month. On-premise, desktop solutions that don’t require cloud computing are also becoming more available. Beginner-friendly data mining solutions are really just a few clicks away.


ParseHub is specifically developed for those who need to collect data from multiple public sources, but don’t want to write their own scraper. The data mining and parsing tool can be used in a wide range of projects. It is designed to be compatible with public data sources of any kind.

You can use ParseHub to get sales leads from social media pages or to find prices on multiple marketplaces. There is no need to manually code a parser to work with the specific requirements that you have, either.

Some features provided by ParseHub certainly make data mining easier. For starters, you can have ParseHub collect data from interactive websites and sites that hide their raw data behind visual or JavaScript layers. It is also compatible with tables and maps, expanding your data mining capabilities even further.

ParseHub supports scheduled runs and automatic IP rotation. If you want to update your data pool periodically, this is the tool to use. You will be surprised by how easy it is to configure automatic runs with this tool, regardless of how complex your data requirements are.

At the same time, ParseHub supports advanced features that are geared more towards serious data enthusiasts and pro users. Support for RegEx and CSS selectors, for example, is a great way to fine-tune your data mining routine on specific sites. The same is true for the ability to use API calls and web hooks for more advanced runtimes.


Octoparse is another handy tool to use if you want to mine data from public sources without the usual complex steps of setting up your own crawler. No coding is required here. In fact, no setup is required at all because Octoparse is also being offered as managed data mining and parsing services.

Yes, you don’t need to set up your own mining environment or pay for a dedicated cloud cluster to start collecting data. All you need to do with Octoparse is specify the kind of data mining job you want to run by filling out the request form. Data scientists working behind the scene will make sure that you get the best data for your specific needs.

Octoparse can be used for one-time data collections as well as long-term runtimes that require updates and remining. The service is also handy for when you need to monitor certain data points, but you don’t want to dedicate resources to completing that task regularly. Some of the biggest names in the business, including iResearch and Wayfair, are using Octoparse for their data needs.

Simplicity is the real advantage of using Octoparse. Since you don’t have to set up your own data pools or configure a cloud cluster for mining purposes, you can bypass the entire getting-started phase and begin collecting data immediately. At the same time, you get the assistance of data scientists when you do submit a mining request.

Residential Proxies

Other offline tools are also available, and many of them are designed to be very simple to use. However, simply installing the software or data mining tool that suits your needs is not enough. You will still use a single IP address to collect your data, and your mining operation will be shut down before you even begin getting enough data for your needs.

Most tools, including ParseHub, support the use of IP pools. This is where residential proxies come in handy. Residential proxies are servers that allow you to direct traffic to your destination sites through residential IP addresses, creating complete anonymity in the process. When your mining operations are completely anonymous, you don’t have to worry about suspension and blocks.

Proxyway has a long list of the best residential proxy services to choose from. Smartproxy still tops that list with its immense reliability, large pools of proxies, and support for more than 190 locations. Other names such as Oxylabs, Luminati, and Geosurf also offer their own residential proxy services with unique features and advantages.

The right tool, combined with a reliable residential proxy service, will allow you to start your own data mining operations safely and successfully. These solutions are widely available, and it will not be hard for you to start collecting data for specific purposes.

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