Simon – frontend for simon speech recognition solution

Simon is open source speech recognition software which aims to be flexible and highly customizable. You can open programs, URLs, type configurable text snippets, simulate shortcuts, control the mouse and keyboard and more.

If you would like to be able to talk to your computer, check out Simon. It accepts voice commands and turns audio into text. Simon is not bound to any language and works with any dialect.

This project utilizes the open source large vocabulary continuous speech recognition engine Julius, although it uses its own modified version.

Features include:

  • Speech recognition.
  • Speech modelling.
  • Acoustic modelling.
  • Voice control.
  • Import dictionaries, grammar structures and compile a language model.
  • Control many different types of software including web browsers, email clients, media centers, by using a few words such as “right”, “left”, “ok”, “stop”, etc.
  • Read newspapers and surf the net.
  • Enter codes or TAN-numbers with a voice controlled keyboard.
  • Write predetermined email addresses using numbers and ask basic questions.
  • Control VoIP software such as Skype.
  • Voice controlled calculator.

Support: Handbook
Developer: Peter Grasch
License: GNU GPL v2


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