RSBAC – kernel security solution

RSBAC (Rule Set Based Access Control) is a kernel patch which adds several mandatory access models to the Linux kernel. These models can be used to enhance the security of a Linux system.

RSBAC’s main concept is modularity. It uses several well-known and new security models, including Mandatory Access Control (MAC), Access Control List (ACL), PaX and Role-Compatibility (RC) and others.

RSBAC has control over individual users and program network accesses using any combination of the possible security models. It is also highly extensible.

Features include:

  • Independent of governments and big companies.
  • Several well-known and new security models, e.g. MAC, ACL and RC.
  • On-access virus scanning with Dazuko interface.
  • Detailed control over individual user and program network accesses.
  • Fully access controlled kernel level user management.
  • Any combination of security models possible.
  • Easily extensible: write your own model for runtime registration.
  • Support for latest kernels.
  • Stable for production use.
  • Read-only mode (no attribute writing, for testing).
  • Transactions support (policy changes can be made atomically).
  • Generic list based attributes (objects attributes from all models are stored into hashed, generic lists).
  • In kernel user management (no more /etc/passwd).
  • Network control support.
  • Pseudonymous logging (for privacy concerns).
  • Extensive logging capabilities.
  • Symlink redirection (symlinks can redirect to another location by role, by uid, by security level or by remote address).
  • Disable Linux DAC (be sure to convert them with provided tool to RSBAC ACL first).
  • Secure delete (mandatory secure deletion per file, directory or whole filesystem).
  • Hide processes easily with a kernel option.
  • Freeze mode (no RSBAC setting can be changed until reboot).
  • Softmode (RSBAC running in non-enforcing mode, can be disabled per single boot).
  • X11 Support.
  • Inherited attributes (easy administration).
  • Fast, low overhead solution.
  • TTL, define certain accesses at certain dates/time only.
  • Highly portable.

Support: Documentation
Developer: Amon Ott, kang, Michal
License: GNU GPL v2

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