Open-Xchange Server – software stack

Open-Xchange Server is an open source collaboration software stack that features an integrated Web2.0 E-Mail user interface, calendar, contact, and task management functions. It also offers basic document management and sharing.

Open-Xchange Server supports free standards and proprietary environments like Apple iSync and Microsoft Outlook via commercial extensions. Innovative connectors, called “OXtenders”, enhance customer flexibility by using open standard APIs to integrate existing IT infrastructures or extend capabilities to mobile devices, fax servers, back-up utilities, email archiving tools, and Samba administration tools.

The latest Open-Xchange Server beta versions provide social networking capabilities, enabling automated publish and subscribe capabilities between instances of Open-Xchange Server and social networking sites like linkedin, facebook, and various Google services. The service runs on the #Backend, i.e. on the server, so that data connections stay active even if a user goes off line.

Features include:

    • Portal.
    • Appointments.
    • Contacts.
    • Tasks.
    • Document Management.
    • WebMail.
    • UWA Widgets.
    • WebDAV-Interface.
    • Java-API.
    • New E‐Mails:
      • Current appointments and tasks.
      • New available documents.
      • Preview for all objects with most important details or contents.
      • Integration of universal widgets.
      • InfoBox with quota information.
      • Create appointments, tasks, contacts, E‐Mails – with just one click.
    • Simple and intuitive:
      • Create HTML emails in browser.
      • H split‐, V split‐, list view.
      • User defined mail filter.
      • Spam functionality.
      • Create appointments with drag & drop in folders and the mini calendar.
      • Save attachments directly in the document storage (InfoStore).
      • Multiple IMAP‐Accounts and POP3‐Accounts (Beta).
      • Unified Inbox (Beta).
    • Team‐organization/coordination:
      • Day, week, work week, month, team and user specific views and settings.
      • Desktop like drag & drop, and inline editing.
      • Change dates and duration by dragging appointments.
      • Choose participants and resources.
      • Create series.
      • Conflict management .
    • Overview of outstanding tasks:
      • Private, public, and shared tasks for a consistent and transparent data management.
      • Differentiated lists–Views for a simple and quick access to specific tasks.
      • Delegate tasks.
      • Set priorities, duration and measure progress.
      • Task series for an easy management of repeated tasks.
    • Documents available anywhere:
      • Personal UserStore.
      • Shared public document folders.
      • Different views for the best overview.
      • Send documents as link or attachments.
      • Version and change control.
      • Share documents and jointly edit them.
      • WebDAV connection for respective client, InfoStore as drive.

Developer: Open-Xchange, Inc
License: Dual license (GPL)


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