MyNotex – note-taking, document file and activity manager

MyNotex is open source software useful to take and to manage textual notes and activity management. It offers several features for redaction, classification and search according to certain criteria. Its interface resembles a text editor and has several panes that give an overview of how content is organized.

Notes are gathered under different subjects and are made by a title, a date, a tags (keywords) list and a free-length text. This may be formatted: it is possible to change the font name, size and color of a selected text and of its background, and also to set bold, italic, underline and strike-through; the text may have pictures within it. The software can manage paragraph alignment, bullets, numbered and alphabetic lists with automatic indentation. Each note has also a spreadsheet-like grid to manage a list of activities which is quite similar to the one used in many softwares of project management. A single file of MyNotex contains various subjects and notes.

MyNotex has been developed with Lazarus and the components TDBZVDateTimePicker, a modified version of TRichMemo and Dcpcrypt.

Features include:

  • Various attachments (files of every kind) for each note, zipped and stored in a directory with the same name and path of the MyNotex file in use and automatically managed by the software; the number of attachments is limited only by the available disk space.
  • Encryption of the text of the selected notes with AES algorithm; search for subjects, notes (also in the text), attachments, dates and tags (keywords).
  • Search for more than one tag at a time (in OR condition) and for a range of dates;
    list of tags used in the current file, to insert them in a new note or in the search fields with double click.
  • Moving a note with possible related attachments from a subject to another.
  • Import and export of single subjects with the related notes and attachments from and to another file of MyNotex.
  • Import files from Writer and LibreOffice Writer files.
  • Import Tomboy and Gnote notes.
  • Open text of the current note in Writer or LibreOffice Writer (useful also to print the note).
  • Export data in HTML format, which can be easily opened with a word processor like Writer or LibreOffice Writer.
  • Paragraph alignment and indentation of lists.
  • Link a note to another note.
  • Add attachments with drag and drop.
  • Insert pictures in the text of a note (jpg and png formats), also resizing them.
  • Zoom text of the notes.
  • Icons and popup menu for cut, copy, copy as html and paste.
  • Show the current note in the default browser to print it.
  • Copy the text of a note in LaTeX format to paste it in a LaTeX editor.
  • Send the text of a note as email through the default mail software.
  • Export the dates of the notes in the HTML export file.
  • Move up and down a paragraph within the text of a note.
  • Spreadsheet-like grid available for each note, in which it is possible to create and
    manage list of activities and sub-activities with state, dates, resources and cost specifications.
  • Encrypt and decrypt a file of MyNotex, or any other file, with GNU Privacy Guard (GPG). When the text of a note is encrypted, it is saved in the file in use (a database of SQLite).
  • Print a note, without opening it in the word processor or in the browser.
  • Runs in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch or Polish.

Support: FAQ
Developer: Massimo Nardello
License: GNU GPL v3


MyNotex is written in Pascal. Learn Pascal with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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