Musique – different take on the music player

Musique is a small but sophisticated graphical music player.

Musique unclutters your music listening experience with a clean and innovative interface. It comes with one playlist, plain and simple, but also with graphical display of your albums and artists using pictures downloaded from At the same time users can also browse their music directories and files.

Musique does its best to stay out of the way and keep you focused on the only thing that really matters: Music. The use of an internal database makes musique pretty fast.

Features include:

  • Starts fast, very lightweight and can easily handle large collections.
  • Browse artist photos, album covers and folders too, so you can organize your music your way.
  • Album and artist sorting.
  • Immersive Info View you can switch to when listening. It contains valuable information about the current track, album and artist. When a new song starts, it will auto-update.
  • Automatically fixes misspellings and case in track titles, album titles and artist names, freeing you from the hassle of manually tagging your files.
  • Musique never ever modifies your files, it stores all of its data in its own database.
  • Supports scrobbling to
  • Displays song lyrics stored inside your MP3s.
  • Musique has just a single play queue. You can’t go wrong, it’s always there on the right.
  • Unity & GNOME 3 actions (aka Quicklists).
  • Gapless playback (with the GStreamer Phonon backend).
  • Search.
  • Not an iTunes addon. It’s a completely independent application.
  • Translated to more than 20 languages including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Chinese.

Support: Facebook
Developer: Flavio Tordini
License: GNU GPL v3


Musique is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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