K-3D – 3D modeling and animation software

K-3D is a freely distributable 3D modeling, animation and rendering system.

K-3D is a procedural modeler, meaning that the entire history of user modifications are stored when creating a model.

K-3D is designed to generate motion picture quality animation using RenderMan render engines. K-3D allows you to create and edit documents in multiple realtime OpenGL solid, shaded, texture-mapped views. Unlike Blender, third-party render engines (such as Aqsis, PRman, BMRT etc) can be easily integrated into K-3D.

Features include:

  • Record interactive tutorials and macros.
  • Unlimited undos / redos.
  • Create and edit documents in multiple realtime OpenGL solid, shaded, texture-mapped views.
  • Scripting interface supports K3DScript and Python, with an open API for other scripting languages.
  • Model, animate, and interact with animations while they play back for maximum productivity.
  • Architecture allows complete extensibility at runtime through third-party plugins.
  • Animated geometric procedural effects.
  • Control-spline based animation in a uniform interface.
  • Uses the Pixar Renderman Interface to render motion-picture-quality images with a wide variety of rendering engines.
  • Supports Renderman Subdivision Mesh output.
  • Capable of rendering one million polygons at interactive rates.
  • Background rendering and batch rendering.
  • Support for the LuxRender render engine.
  • Experimental support for CSG operations on polyhedra, using either CGAL or CARVE.
  • Introductory support for NURBS.
  • Full RenderMan Support: Aqsis, Pixie, BMRT, PRman, 3Delight, Render Dot C.
  • Geometry Formats: Wavefront OBJ, GTS and a raw format are fully supported, other ones are optional and depend on PLIB installation.
  • Experimental plugins include OpenFX, OFF, RIB and X formats.
  • Interactive Python shell.
  • Image Formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, OpenEXR, BMP, and SUN.

Website: www.k-3d.org
Support: Documentation
Developer: K-3D
License: GNU GPL v2


K-3D is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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