JabRef – bibliography reference manager

JabRef is a graphical Java application for editing BibTeX (.bib) databases. The application does not use an internal file format. JabRef lets you organize your entries into overlapping logical groups, and limit your view to a single group or an intersection or union of several groups. You can customize the entry information shown in the main window, and sort by any of the standard Bibtex fields. JabRef can autogenerate bibtex keys for your entries.

JabRef also lets you easily link to PDF or web sources for your reference entries.

JabRef provides sorting and searching functionality for getting the overview of your databases’ contents. Add new database entries without having to remember what information is required.

JabRef can import from and export to several formats, and you can customize export filters. It can be run as a command line application to convert from any import format to any export format.

JabRef runs on all platforms and requires Java 1.5 or newer.

Features include:

  • Advanced BibTeX editor.
  • Classification of entries – group entries by keywords or other fields.
  • Add additional fields to any BibTeX entry type.
  • Search functions.
  • Search Medline, Citeseer, IEEExplore and arXiv.
  • Automatic key generation.
  • Export to HTML, Docbook, BibTeXML, MODS, RTF, Refer/Endnote and OpenOffice.org.
  • Import from BibTeXML, CSA, Refer/Endnote, ISI Web of Science, SilverPlatter, Medline/Pubmed (xml), Scifinder, OVID, INSPEC, Biblioscape, Sixpack, JStor and RIS.
  • Add additional functionality by plugins.

Website: www.jabref.org
Support: Documentation
Developer: Morten O. Alver, Nizar N. Batada, Michel Baylac, Kolja Brix, Frédéric Darboux, Guillaume Gardey, Cyrille d’Haese, S M Mahbub Murshed, Raik Nagel, Christopher Oezbek, Ellen Reitmayr, Gert Renckens, Andreas Rudert, Michael Spiegel, Ulrik Stervbo, Dominik Waßenhoven, Joerg K. Wegner, Michael Wrighton, Egon Willighagen, Wenbo Yang, Jörg Zieren
License: GNU GPL v2


JabRef is written in Java. Learn Java with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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