HEYU – X10 automation software

HEYU is an open source text-based console program that allows your computer to control devices by transmitting information over your house’s power lines.

Heyu uses the CM11A computer interface to send and receive X10 control signals over the AC power lines to modules which can turn On, Off, or Dim attached lamps or appliances. This application can store a schedule of timed events in the CM11A memory for execution when the computer is turned off or disconnected. X10 receiver modules (lamp, appliance, etc) listen for the signal on the AC lines and respond appropriately.

Heyu supports an optional W800RF32A, MR26A, or RFXCOM RF receiver connected to a second port as an auxiliary input device for RF signals from X10 and other supported transmitters. Heyu can also use an optional CM17A interface to transmit X10 RF signals.

Features include:

  • Highly configurable and able to transmit and receive any X10 signal supported by the CM11A.
  • Monitor and/or log all X10 signals on the power line.
  • Maintain a record of the state (On, Off, Dim level) of modules based on received or transmitted X10 signals. A variety of different lamp and appliance module types are supported as well as specialty modules like RCS-compatible thermostats and remote thermometers, and shutter motor controllers.
  • Decoders are included for RF signals received by a W800RF32A or RFXCOM receiver from security remotes and sensors and from RFXSensor Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure sensors, and with a RFXCOM 433.92 MHz receiver for RF signals from RFXMeter Power, Water, Gas, and Pulse sensors, Digimax thermostat, KaKu remotes, and Oregon Scientific, Electrisave, and Owl CM119 sensors.
  • Execute scripts or commands based on received or transmitted X10 powerline or RF signals and the recorded states of modules.
  • Upload schedules of timed events and macros to the CM11A memory for operation without a computer.
  • Events may be scheduled for execution at local clock times or relative to the times of daily Dawn or Dusk.
  • Schedules may be uploaded for the calendar year, or alternatively for a period beginning on the current date and extending a year into the future.
  • Event dates and times are automatically adjusted for Leap Years and periods of Standard and Daylight Time.
  • Control multiple CM11A interfaces connected to different serial ports on the same computer.
  • With an optional CM17A device, transmit X10 RF signals to a transceiver for conversion to power line signals (possibly on a separate branch of the AC line), or to an X10 RF receiver connected to a different computer. Any of the 64K different RF signals supported by the CM17A may be transmitted.

Website: www.heyu.org
Support: Documentation
Developer: Charles W. Sullivan, Daniel B. Suthers
License: Open source license

HEYU is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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