42 Hot Free Linux Games (Part 2 of 3)

Last Updated on February 26, 2018

The many thousands of free games available for Linux has made it difficult to select which ones deserve a special mention. For this article, our objective is not to necessarily select games which have flawless graphics and sound, but instead to identify games which are highly addictive and have great playability. It has taken us weeks of heated discussions to whittle down the games into just 42 titles.

This article is the second instalment in a three part series entitled 42 Hot Free Linux Games. If you missed the first part, it is available to read here.

We have tried to cover a wide range of game genres. Hopefully there will be something in this article which will be of interest to any type of gamer.

To be eligible for inclusion in the list below, games again needed to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Free to play (no download charge, no monthly charge)
  • Does not require Wine to run. Wine is a compatibility layer for running Windows software.
  • Not in the early stages of development

Readers may also wish to view our previous articles highlighting 105 superb free Linux games (42 Best Linux Games, 42 More of the Best Games, and 21 More of the Best Games.) If you wonder why some of your favourite Linux games are not listed below, this is probably because they have already been covered in these earlier features.

For each of the 14 games listed below we have compiled its own portal page, providing screenshots of the game in action, a full description of the game, with an in-depth summary of its features, together with links to relevant resources and reviews.

Linux Games
The Ur-Quan MastersPort of Star Control II
Open Quartz3D shooter based on the Quake engine
RobombsMultiplayer LAN game in 3D inspired by Bomberman
Atomic WormVariant of the classic snake game
Open SonicBased on the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' universe
Road FighterClone of the classic game developed by Konami
FreeDinkAdventure/role-playing game, similar to Zelda
Falcon's EyeMouse-driven interface for NetHack
levelHead3D spatial memory game
Angry, Drunken DwarvesFun puzzle game like Puzzle Fighter
PioneersBased on the Settlers of Catan
PalominoFlight simulator designed to be an easy-to-fly casual game
Endgame: Singularity Simulation of a true Artificial Intelligence
Doomsday EngineSource port with support for Doom, Heretic, and Hexen
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The software collection forms part of our series of informative articles for Linux enthusiasts. There are hundreds of in-depth reviews, open source alternatives to proprietary software from large corporations like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, and Autodesk.

There are also fun things to try, hardware, free programming books and tutorials, and much more.
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