Frozen Bubble – free software clone of Puzzle Bobble

Frozen Bubble is a clone of the popular “Puzzle Bobble” game, in which you attempt to shoot bubbles into groups of the same color to cause them to pop.

It features 100 single-player levels, a two-player mode, music and striking graphics.

The game mainly consists of firing randomly chosen bubbles across the board. If the shoot ends up having a clump of at least 3 bubbles of the same color, they all pop. If some bubbles were sticked only on the popping clump, they fall. In 1-player mode, the goal is to pop all the bubbles on the board as quickly as possible. In 2-players or network mode, you have to get your opponent to “die” before you.

The default controlling mechanism is through the keyboard, but you can play with a joystick or a joypad.

Features include:

  • 100 levels of 1 player games.
  • Hours and hours of 2 player games.
  • Network multiplayer.
  • Level editor.
  • 3 professional quality 20-channel music.
  • 15 stereo sound effects.
  • 8 unique graphical transition effects.
  • 8 unique logo eye-candies.
  • Record and replay games; also add ability to save frames from records, so as to create high quality videos of games
  • Internationalization support – the game has been translated for many languages.

Support: FAQ, GitHub code repository
Developer: Guillaume Cottenceau, Alexis Younes, Amaury Amblard-Ladurantie, Matthias Le Bidan, Kim and David Joham
License: GNU GPL v2

Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble is written in Perl. Learn Perl with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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