Drive – Google Drive client for the command-line

Drive is a tiny open source program to pull or push Google Drive files.

Features include:

  • Commands:
    • pull – downloads data that does not exist locally but does remotely on Google drive, and may delete local data that is not present on Google Drive By default, the pull command will export Google Docs documents as PDF files. Supported formats: doc, docx, jpeg, jpg, gif, html, odt, rtf, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, svg, txt, text, xls, xlsx.
    • push – uploads data to Google Drive to mirror data stored locally.
    • pub – publishes a file or directory globally so that anyone can view it on the web using the link returned.
    • unpub – the opposite of pub. It unpublishes a previously published file or directory.
    • share – enables you to share a set of files with specific users and assign them specific roles as well as specific generic access to the files. It also allows for email notifications on share.
    • unshare – revokes access of a specific accountType to a set of files.
    • diff – compares local files with their remote equivalents. It allows for multiple paths to be passed in.
    • touch – files that exist remotely can be touched i.e their modification time updated to that on the remote server.
    • trash – files can be trashed.
    • delete – permanently removes the items from the drive.
    • list – shows a paginated list of files present remotely.
    • stat – shows detailed file information for example people with whom it is shared, their roles and accountTypes, and fileId etc.
    • md5sum – retrieves the md5 checksums of the files on your drive.
    • new – create an empty file or folder remotely Sample usage.
    • quota – prints information about your drive, such as the account type, bytes used/free, and the total amount of storage available.
    • features – provides information about the features present on the drive being queried and the request limit in queries per second.
    • copy – copy content remotely without having to explicitly download and then reupload.
    • rename – rename a file/folder remotely.
    • clashes – deal with clashes.
    • move – move content remotely between folders.
  • Supports resource configuration files.
  • Creates .desktop files by default.
  • Supports command aliases: cp, ls, mv and rm.
  • Option to turn on checksum verification.

Support: Twitter
Developer: Emmanuel T Odeke
License: Apache License v 2.0

Drive is written in Go. Learn Go with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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