Daimonin – free to play open source MMORPG

Daimonin is a free software multiplayer online computer role-playing game that is based on the open source Crossfire.

Inside the game you will meet many other people in a big, persistent virtual heroic fantasy world! Explore, fight, meet friends and enemies, become a master with sword and magic or be the best weapon smith around.

Using the SDL library, it provides cross-platform clients with 2D isometric tile graphics, sound effects, and background music.

Daimonin split from the Crossfire project in December 2001.

Features include:

  • Isometric graphic system.
  • Has many of the features of Crossfire.
  • Combat targeting system that focuses the attack on an opponent and repeats the attack each turn without user intervention.
  • Mob aggro ranges.
  • Buffs/debuffs.
  • Mob pulling.
  • Factions.
  • Object scripting in Python.
  • Item quality & conditions (repair/smithy).
  • Resistance/protection system.
  • Server sided AE (area effect) spells .
  • Skill exp.
  • Client sided throw/range control system.
  • Group playing.
  • Cooperative PvE maps (player can’t hurt/block other players), PvP maps (player vs player), permdeath maps (player stay dead on maps until another player resurrect him).
  • Seek to reach the game level maximum of 110.
  • Explore the vast Maps individually or in groups that are indoor, outdoor, above ground and below:
    • Wait for unique Event Maps that are open for limited time periods annually such as the Hallo and Winter maps.
  • Combat for rare items and artifacts for personal collection or trade.
  • Begin personal collections such as exotic fruits, rare gems, uncommon books & Tomes, scary monster replicas to unusual cursed items.
  • Build economic wealth of the game’s highest currency the Mith through trade and savings.

Website: www.daimonin.org
Support: Forum, Wiki
Developer: Michael Toennies and the Daimonin Development Team
License: Server and client: GNU GPL


Daimonin is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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