The Zenkit Suite Expands with “Zenforms” – A Simple Way to Create Forms and Surveys

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

ZenformsThe Zenkit team develops a creative and engaging webform app to improve data collection without having to code

March 3rd, 2022 – Karlsruhe, Germany: The Zenkit team is proud to announce the launch of “Zenforms”, the sixth application to join Zenkit’s Productivity Suite. “Zenforms” offers users a dynamic way of connecting to others with the help of form, survey, and quiz creation. With a list of helpful features, including duplicated data checking and scheduling resources, Zenforms is the next step in bridging the connection between teams and the people who matter the most to them.

Zenforms goes beyond simply collecting feedback to enable businesses to connect with their employees on a more personal level. Company communication has been one of the most difficult areas for companies to manage during the pandemic, as remote working quickly took over. The pandemic, according to Geert Jacobs, has highlighted the need for “transparent, concise, and clear communication”. Companies can use Zenforms to learn about their employees’ true feelings, and employees are more likely to share knowing they can respond anonymously. As a result, Zenforms becomes the ideal tool for combating mental health issues caused by increased isolation, sharing insightful project learnings to deliver solutions quicker, and promoting team collaborations. And with the Enterprise Collaboration Market estimated to reach $85.8 billion by 2026, the importance of connecting with those that matter cannot be underestimated.

According to Zenkit CEO Martin Welker, “transparent” communication also refers to “safe communication,” and he emphasizes the importance of Zenforms being GDPR compliant in the digital age: “Because Zenforms can be sent and used by anyone, it’s critical that everyone involved understands how their data is being handled.”

Zenforms also improves the relationship between businesses and their customers by giving them a voice and acting as a conversational medium. Forms can be easily created and shared online (or embedded into a website) to gain valuable insights into the wants, needs, and expectations of customers. Businesses can deliver purposeful advancements without coding thanks to instant alerts, practical data management and analysis, and deep integration with the rest of the Zenkit Suite.

Martin Welker goes on to say that Zenforms is also more than just a communication and collaboration app, and that it works in tandem with the rest of the Zenkit Suite. Zenforms, like the Suite, promotes productivity and has an enticing list of features to help users achieve

  • Robust GDPR-compliant data security.
  • Integration with the Zenkit Suite, which shares a single platform to provide a richer sense of data interaction and access to even more productivity tools and applications.
  • 9 different input controls, allowing you to choose from adding dates, drawings, checkboxes, references, and more!
  • Mobile-ready, meaning you can network on the go.
  • Create forms from existing data found in the Zenkit Suite, such as your Collections in Zenkit Base.
  • Filtered lists for improved data tracking.
  • Email support for sending forms and surveys and receiving instantaneous
  • Duplicated data checks to ensure all data is relevant and coherent without risking the reliability of your collected data.
  • Integrated scheduling resources.
  • Sub-forms for extra layers of data collection and sharing.

As with all products in the Zenkit Suite, “Zenforms” is enterprise-ready and GDPR compliant.
To learn more about Zenforms, please visit https://zenkit.com/forms.
To use the Zenforms’ app, visit: web, or download to iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux
after release.

About Zenkit:

Zenkit is a start-up formed under Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH, a German company founded in 2003. The SaaS project management and collaboration platform was launched in October of 2016. Zenforms, the sixth product in the Zenkit Suite, was developed and released by Zenkit in March 2022.

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