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Last Updated on July 6, 2021

GNU World Order Blurb

GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion. Let’s discover some new stuff together. It’s conversational and friendly entry point to GNU, Linux, and open source. It used to be billed as “Not weird, just “differently enlightened””.

GNU World Order was previously known as “The Bad Apples”. The starting show of Season 2 introduced installing Linux on a Mac. The Bad Apples was re-branded from its 5th season as the GNU World Order.

About the Show

GNU World Order is a weekly podcast which is very different from other podcasts. There’s lots of coverage of portable, open source software you’ve yet to discover, including command-line software. The podcast offers an excellent learning opportunity for its listeners. But the coverage of shows is pretty wide, with shows advocating programming languages, file sharing, and more. There’s also shows commenting on listener feedback. The shows are technical in content.

Instead of using proprietary codecs, Klaatu produces his shows in Ogg vorbis and speex formats, banishing the MP3 proprietary codec used by almost all Linux podcasts.

There are no show notes available for every episode, but where available they often include some code.

About the Host

Unusually for a Linux podcast, there’s only one host for each show.

Klaatu is a technology journalist, hacker, and podcaster specializing in multimedia production on Linux systems. His real name is Seth Kenlon and he currently lives in New Zealand, but hails from the USA. Klaatu has worked on several large-budget motion pictures. Klaatu’s also a huge Unix, Linux, and command line enthusiast, and is proficient and a strong advocate of Slackware and Fedora. Besides his podcast, Klaatu has coded/maintained a few software tools, contributed to numerous Linux publications, and co-written Slackermedia (a series of tutorials showing how to create a full multimedia studio running on Slackware Linux). He’s hosted over a hundred shows on Hacker Public Radio, and made numerous guest appearances on other Linux-related podcasts.
LengthApproximately 30-60 minutes
FormatsOgg Vorbis, Opus
First Show1 Jan 2010 (season 5)
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
What do we think of this podcast?
Content8 out of 10 rating
Conversational5 out of 10 rating
Engaging7 out of 10 rating
Verdict:GNU World Order ticks all the boxes if you're a geek/nerd. If you're looking for thorough, pragmatic treatment of open source software, you can't go wrong with listening to Klaatu's shows. Every show brims with useful tips and tricks. We haven't used Slackware for years, but this podcast arouses our interest in this legendary distro.

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