ossimPlanet – 3D geospatial viewer

ossimPlanet is an accurate 3D global geo-spatial viewer that is built on top of the OSSIM, OpenSceneGraph, and Qt open source software libraries.

This application provides native geo-spatial access to a wide range of commercial and government data formats with high performance visualization and collaboration capabilities. ossimPlanet is one of the key components of the Large Data Joint Capabilities and Technology Development (JCTD) project.

ossimPlanet is inspired by the BlueMarbleViewer.

Features include:

  • Remote collaboration.
  • Double precision 3D accuracy.
  • Elevation data sets.
  • Native file access.
  • OGC WMS interfaces.
  • Access data directly from the Nasa WorldWind server.
  • KML/KMZ support.
  • Staging of local geospatial files.
  • Native file access to a wide variety of geospatial data sets – including raster, vector, and elevation formats.
  • Geo-spatially tagged files can be be accurately placed over geoids and elevation surfaces that have been loaded into the system.
  • Path recording.
  • Precision terrain correction and orthorectification.
  • Advanced mosaicking, compositing, and fusion.
  • Histogram matching and tonal balancing.
  • Rigorous sensor modeling.
  • Parameter based image chains.
  • Supports over 4,000 different datums and projections.
  • GDAL/OGR Integration.
  • Multi-platform support.

Website: trac.osgeo.org
Support: GitHub
Developer: Garrett Potts, Norman Vine, Eric Sokolowski
License: GNU LGPL

ossimPlanet is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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