ncspot – ncurses Spotify client

Memory Usage

Using the wonderful ps_mem tool, here’s the memory usage of ncspot compared with its CLI counterpart Spotify TUI. We’re also showing the memory usage of spotify-qt which sports a graphical user interface.

Both Spotify TUI and spotify-qt rely on spotifyd to play the music streams. We’ve included spotifyd’s memory consumption in the above chart. ncspot doesn’t use spotifyd.

Bear in mind the semi-official Linux client weighs in at 185MB of RAM at startup.

Obviously, memory start-up figures aren’t representative of actual memory usage when using a client over a period of time. From a pre-defined action including searching, playback of many albums, we capture a more representative figure for memory usage in the chart below.

ncspot memory usage

Again the memory figures for spotify-qt and Spotify TUI include spotifyd’s memory footprint. These clients and ncspot are very lightweight compared to the semi-official Linux client which hogs around 726MB of RAM.

ncspot’s memory usage reflects the version compiled with cover art support. We haven’t tested whether excluding cover art support makes any difference to memory usage.

ncspot memory usage

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