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Linux Around The World: Columbia


Map of ColumbiaOfficial Language: Spanish
Population: 49.3 million
Capital: Bogotá
Currency: Colombian peso (COP)
Major Industries: Mining (coal, gold, and emeralds), oil, textiles and clothing, agribusiness, beverages, chemicals and petrochemicals, cement, construction, iron and steel products, and metalworking

Colombian borders Venezuela to the east and northeast, Brazil to the southeast, Ecuador and Peru to the south.

User Groups

BogotáGLUD: Grupo GNU/Linux Universidad Distrital is a work group and research seedbed that promotes the use, appropriation and development of free technology.
BogotáC# Community is a community for C# developers who want to learn about apps, Web, cloud, backend, frontend, Linux, and Windows.
BogotáHyperledger Colombia advances cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Did You Know? Around 80% of the world’s emeralds come from Colombia. The Colombian emerald is hugely popular because of its deep bright green hue. Notable emeralds from Colombia are the Chalk Emerald, Duke of Devonshire Emerald, and the Gachalá Emerald.

Linux Around The World This article is part of our Linux Around The World series showcasing usergroups that are relevant to Linux enthusiasts. Great ways to meet up with fellow enthusiasts.

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