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Linux Candy: ASCIIQuarium – embrace marine life from the terminal

Who loves eye candy? Don’t be shy — you can raise both hands!!

Linux Candy is a new series of articles covering interesting eye candy software. We’re only going to feature open-source software in this series.

I’m not going to harp on about the tired proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. But there’s a certain element of truth here. If you spend all day coding neural networks, mastering a new programming language, sit in meetings feeling bored witless, you’ll need some relief at the end of the day. And what better way by making your desktop environment a bit more memorable.

In the first of the series, I picked WallGen, a marvelous HQ wallpaper generator. My next recommendation in the candy stakes is ASCIIQuarium. It’s the embodiment of candy.

ASCIIQuarium is a short Perl script that lets you embrace aquatic nature from your terminal. It’s an aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art.


Having a section titled “Installation” for ASCIIQuarium is probably a bit grandiose. After all, ASCIIQuarium is a single file.  Place it anywhere convenient, make the file executable, and just run it.

Actually, you do need a couple of Perl modules to get the script running. Your system needs the Term::Animation module installed, as ASCIIQuarium uses that module as its framework to produce the ASCII art animations. And Term::Animation itself depends on the Curses module. You’ll probably find both modules are available as a package in your distro, but if not, head over to CPAN.

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  1. What and where is CPAN? It would be helpful if you would add a link. This is, after all, a Linux Links article!)

  2. Well done for promoting the lighter side of Linux. I’m looking forward to more in this ‘Candy’ series.

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