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  • Aigaion
    Aigaion is a PHP/MySQL based multi-user system for managing annotated bibliographies. It allows the user(s) to order publications in a self-chosen (overlapping) topic structure, offers BibTeX and RIS import and export and has an intuitive user interface.
  • AvantFAX
    AvantFAX allows users on any platform to view and send faxes without having to install special software. It also allows administrators to manage users, their permissions, fax lines, fax categories, etc. AvantFAX can be accessed from the local network and remotely via Internet using standard networking equipment.
  • Feng Office
    Feng Office (formerly known as OpenGoo) is a free and open source web office, project management and collaboration tool. It is a complete online solution focused on improving productivity, collaboration, communication and management.
  • Google Docs
    Google Docs, Sheets and Slides ("Google Docs") are a free Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and form application written in JavaScript by Google Inc.
  • Google Web Office
    Google Web Office - GWoffice - brings your google drive to your dektop. It offers you a nice interface to its editing abilities and also gives you basic syncing for offline use.
  • Group-Office
    Group-Office is an Open-Source software package written in PHP. It is a platform independent system that is extensible by modules. The system can make system administative tasks very easy and allows access to the filesystem, e-mail, contacts, bookmarks and scheduler through several web applcations.
  • I, Librarian
    I, Librarian is a PDF manager or PDF organizer that allows individual researchers or a group of researchers to create an annotated collection of PDF articles.
  • mysqlCart
    mysqlCart is a fast GPL licensed template based dynamic site ecommerce shop and admin.
  • OpenTBS
    OpenTBS is a plug-in for TinyButStrong that lets you use the template engine to merge OpenOffice documents and MS Office (>=2007) documents with a lot of facilities.
  • PHPflow
    PHPflow is a free programming flowchart construction program. It provides dynamically created flowcharts for browser-based display without using own Visio-like browser-plugins. All flowchart symbols are conform to DIN 66001 and drawn as PNG-images using PHP/GD.
  • PhpLabware
    PhpLabware is a groupware application suite for research laboratoria. It is specifically geared to molecular Biology labs. Phplabware runs on a server and is accessed through a web browser. Currently, modules are available for antibodies, protocols, pdfs, pdbs, and files.
  • phpMyArchive
    phpMyArchive is an entry-level document management system for domestic or small office use, where an industrial strength system is just too big and complicated.
  • PHPresent
    PHPresent is a simple set of PHP files that create Web presentations.
  • Presentation
    Presentation is a standards-based presentation platform in the style of S5 and Opera Show Format (both of whose file formats are supported).
  • Pyntor
    Pyntor is a suite of small but usable software programs which are built upon Python and the SDL library (via pygame). All programs are centered around a web browsing engine (Pyromaniac) and a slide show program.
  • refbase
    refbase is a web-based, standards-compliant, multi-user interface for managing scientific literature & bibliographic references. Based on php & mysql, it offers a bibliography database with powerful search tools and automatically generated citation lists.
  • Simple Spreadsheet
    Simple Spreadsheet is a webbased spreadsheet program written in Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP. It features formulas, charts, numeric formats, keyboard navigation, etc.
    WIKINDX is a free bibliographic and quotations/notes management system designed either for single use (on a variety of operating sytems) or multi-user collaborative use across the internet.
  • XSpell
    XSpell is an XML-RPC Spell checker.
  • ZK Spreadsheet
    ZK Spreadsheet is an Excel-like spreadsheet component running under the ZK Ajax framework. You can embed it inside Web applications and display it on Web pages.
  • Zoho Office Suite
    The Zoho Office Suite is a web-based online office suite offering a huge range of applications including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, general business software, and much more. It is geared towards increasing users' productivity and offers easy collaboration.
  • Zotero
    Zotero is an open source Firefox extension to help users collect, manage, cite, and share your research sources. Read more

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