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  • Download and Install VirtualBox and Ubuntu 17.10
    This video introduces you to VirtualBox, taking you step-by-step through the process of downloading and installing VirtualBox, and then moving on to creating a virtual machine on Windows to make a virtual environment to run Ubuntu without putting your Windows operating system in any peril.
  • Fedora Scholarship
    The Fedora Scholarship program recognizes one high school senior per year for contributions to the Fedora Project and free software/content in general.
  • Install More Applications
    Provides a gentle introduction to software installation in Linux. First, it offers a brief glimpse into Ubuntu's software store application. It then proceeds to show you how to install an application at a command line. And the video closes by revealing a few quirks with the Ubuntu distribution when installing applications using the Synaptic package manager.
  • RemoteCourse
    RemoteCourse's online Linux training is a low-cost alternative to classroom training and is a solution for individuals or small companies who do not have the budget or time for an instructor-led class.
  • SGI Global Education
    Various locations: Introduction to Linux, System Administration, System Administration II, Advanced System Administration, Network Administration, Linux-IRIX-NT Interoperability & Managing Linux Security
  • VirtualBox Guest Additions
    This video shows how to install VirtualBox Guest Additions with Windows 10 as the host system and Ubuntu 17.10 as the guest system, highlighting a few idiosyncrasies on the way.

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