The Intalio open source BPM, Intalio Community Edition, is designed around the open source Eclipse BPMN Modeler, Apache ODE BPEL engine, and Tempo WS-Human Task service developed by Intalio. The software can support any processes, small or large. It allows companies of all sizes to design, deploy, and optimize the most complex business processes. This can be done on top of any application and middleware system without having to write any code.

Intalio|bpms provides a comprehensive enterprise-class platform to design, deploy, and manage the most complex business processes. It features an intuitive and powerful visual designer, for designing the business processes and a reliable high-performance process execution server for running the business processes once deployed.

Intalio|BPMS Server is a native implementation of the new BPEL 2.0 standard, which added support for distributed transactions and human workflow through standard extensions.The server can support the most complex business processes, deployed within mission-critical environments.

Features include:

  • BPMN modeling: Leverage standard business process modeling language for your organization’s needs, resulting in consistency and accuracy at the highest level
  • Model documentation: Document your process models for comprehensive understanding, consistency and follow-though at all levels of your organization
  • Export as image or PDF: Export and share your models as media files
  • Form design: Design Web 2.0 forms using a powerful drag-and-drop editor, and leverage your team’s Web 2.0 skills to develop highly interactive forms
  • Web form to mobile form automatic conversion: Get your forms to work on mobile devises without any extra effort
  • Chained forms: Define a form workflow; users must complete forms in the proper sequence, maximizing process consistency
  • Data mapper: Define powerful data transformations using a graphical editor: click and drag for faster data mapping
  • Process correlation: Deal with one of the most complex aspects of BPMN in clicks: define relationships and dependencies with ease
  • Reusable processes: Define and consume reusable process. Save time and effort reusing your best processes in new process models
  • Error Handling: Automate error handling in your process. Errors are managed faster and more easily
  • Compensation (roll back): Define how completed activities can be compensated when unrecoverable errors occur by implementing a safety net for your processes
  • Visual editor for technical artifacts (WSDL, XML, XSD…): View and edit Web Service related artifacts in powerful editor with both graphical and text views
  • Web Service API: Interact with Intalio|bpms backend using an extensive Web Service (SOAP) API
  • Integration with different Form and UI technologies: Integrate processes with the user interface technologies and forms of your choice
  • Web Service and XML over REST connectors: Invoke SOAP Web services and XML over REST using drag-and-drop.
  • Database Invocation connector: Execute SQL queries and stored procedures and get the results in your process
  • Database polling connector: Poll a database and initiate processes based on the results
  • Dashboard graphical editor: Monitor key performance indicators through complete dashboards. Visually meaningful content helps you understand the big picture
  • Business metrics: Define the business objects and metrics that best reflect your business needs. Make data-driven decisions based on real-time visibility into business activities
  • Intalio dashboard: Use one of dozens of widgets to monitor your business and application. Customize the dashboard to see exactly the data most relevant to your needs

Developer: Intalio
License: Intalio|BPMS Community Edition License

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