IFStile – Iterated Function Systems – visualize substitution tilings

Last Updated on April 4, 2021

Other Features

  • Build any affine directed graph iterated function system (IFS) in the Euclidean space of arbitrary dimension (as 2D or 3D section).
  • Automatically find interesting fractal shapes, rep-tiles, multi-tiles, irreptiles, carpets, dragons, etc.
  • Extract boundary of self-affine tiles as directed graph IFS.
  • Compute dimension of the boundary of self-affine tiles (numerically and analytically).
  • Export and import Fractint IFS format, export Apophysis .flame format.
  • Zoom IFS fractals. You can also rotate and pan fractals.
  • Render high resolution images (with batch rendering).
  • Render keyframe animation.
  • Generate thumbnails.
  • Create and save 3D mesh.
  • Novel algorithms are employed.

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