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Garuda Linux – gaming distro based on Arch Linux

Garuda Linux is a rolling release distro based on Arch Linux, which ensures always getting the latest software updates. It deploys a Linux Zen kernel, designed to be optimized for desktop, multimedia and gaming.

Besides the Arch official repositories, the project uses 2 extra repositories, the Chaotic AUR and Garuda Linux repository.

Garuda Linux offers various GUI tools for managing system settings out of the box to make your jump-start easier.

Minimum system requirements:

30 GB storage space
Video card with OpenGL 3.3 or better
64-bit system


Working state:Active
Desktop:KDE Plasma
Init Software:systemd
Package Management:Pacman
Release Model:Rolling
Developer:SGS, Shrinivas Vishnu Kumbhar (Librewish), tbg, dr460nf1r3 (Nico), Yorper, Naman Garg, Filo, TNE, Πέτρος (Petsam), Dalto, Zoeruda, Eduard Tolosa, Ankur Kumar
This article is part of our Big List of Active Linux Distros which is currently under development.

What's a Linux distribution ("distro")?

A distro provides the user with a desktop environment, preloaded applications, and ways to update and maintain the system.

Each distro makes different choices, deciding which open source projects to install and provides custom written programs. They can have different philosophies.

Some distros are intended for desktop computers, some for servers without a graphical interface, and others for special uses. Because Linux is an open source operating system, combinations of software vary between Linux distros.
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