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Essential System Tools: f3 – detect and fix counterfeit flash storage

Last Updated on May 28, 2022

f3-qt – GUI frontend to f3

If you favor GUI apps to command-line apps, you might prefer f3-qt. It’s a simple and very basic graphical user interface for f3. The Qt-based utility supports f3write, f3read, f3probe, and f3fix. Here’s an image of the tool in action.


Stage 1 involves f3write writing 1GB files to the mounted device. The progress percentage text was cropped whenever 2 decimal points are shown (not displayed in the image).

Once stage 1 is completed, the tool moves on to stage 2, whereby f3read checks if the flash disk contains the same written files. There’s no progress bar for this stage, and depending on the size of the flash drive it can take a considerable amount of time.


Success, the image below confirms the flash media is not counterfeit! Stand easy!


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