DXRacer MASTER XL Black Microfiber Leather

DXRacer MASTER XL Black Microfiber Leather Chair Review

When selecting the best chair, the most important thing to consider is one that offers the finest ergonomic design together with high quality build. Hand in hand with this must be comfort and personalization.

Given the amount of time you’re seated it makes sense to choose a chair that offers as much care to your back as a high quality monitor offers for your eyes. It’s therefore sensible to choose a chair that’s both comfortable, good for your posture, and built to last.

While the finest gaming chairs come with a higher price ticket, we think of a chair as an investment in an item of quality furniture.

The DXRacer Master XL is an ergonomic gaming/office chair which aims to provide exceptional comfort and support.

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In the box

  • Backrest
  • Seat with armrests
  • Base
  • Casters
  • Multifunction tilt mechanism
  • Hydraulic piston
  • Piston covers
  • Tilt handles
  • Allen wrench

Putting the chair together is a cinch. Just follow the supplied quick installation guide (which is big so you can actually read it from a distance). There’s only five steps to follow as most of the chair is already assembled.

We’ve tested the chair for a few weeks with some intensive gaming sessions. Here’s our verdict.


The curved head rest is well designed. The system uses two rails to let you move the head rest. It’s filled with high-density, slow-rebounding memory foam which is ever so comfortable. A good head rest is so important. And the Master XL delivers here. It also offers a high level of adjustability.

The seat is really soft compared to many gaming chairs. The cold-cure foam used is first class too. It’s really comfortable and is particularly good at distributing your weight evenly. Perfect for marathon gaming sessions.

The Microfiber leatherette upholstery is another plus point. While we’ve not had any hot days in March and April, breathability doesn’t seem to be an issue.

The chair has some branding, but it’s very understated. That’s a good thing because the chair fits in well in an office environment. It’s definitely not a chair only for gamers.

In the office
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We’re impressed with the design of the chair in many respects. For example, the chair has a sturdy steel frame, and the aluminium base is extremely heavy duty with large and wide casters. The 4D integrate lumbar is another plus point.

The chair’s tilt mechanism is a fairly standard affair. There’s a tension adjustment, a lever to control the gas lift going up and down, and another lever to unlock the tilt function of the chair. The armrests are good and a fairly standard design with 4-directional movement.


+ High density mold shaping foam is extremely efficient at spreading your weight evenly.

+ Very comfortable. We actually had to start using Linux software to remind us to take breaks as it’s easy to stay seated for too long in gaming sessions.

+ Everything we want in a gaming chair without huge expense.

+ Pleasing styling means that it’ll fit in perfectly in office environments too.

+ 4D Integrated lumbar support.

+ Fits all heights.

We’re not big fans of the back rest controls with their plastic covers, so there’s a bit of room for improvement there, but we’re really nit-picking.

The chair is available from DXRacer’s Europe website and retails for €499. It’s also available on their US website for $499.


Recline: 90 to 135 degrees
Armrests: 4-directional
Weight capacity: 150 kg
Weight: 29.6 kg
Warranty: 2 years

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Torin Doyle
Torin Doyle
1 month ago

Faux leather would be better. Also, the price is ludicrous.

1 month ago

Looks good. I spent $1000 on my last chair