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Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Other Features


No self-respecting music player comes without lyrics functionality. We all like to sing along with music even if we cannot always hit the right musical key. As outlined in the Installation section, I had to compile the source code enabling the netease-meta-search plugin to get lyrics functionality.

In the bottom bar of the player, there’s a button LRC. This accesses the lyrics functionality.

Deepin Music - Lyrics
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Deepin Music is one of the few open source music players that highlights the line being sung as you go (although some tracks don’t synchronize with the highlighted text correctly). As I recall, the only other music player I’ve reviewed that offers this feature is ncmpy.

Dark Theme

Themes are always appreciated. Deepin Music offers one additional theme accessed from the Options menu (located next to the minimize button. It’s a dark mode which, in my opinion, improves the visual experience.

Deepin Music - Dark Theme
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Other options

There’s a setting options which offers autoplay, the ability to remember playback position, and the ability to enable fade in/out. You can also have the software minimize to your system tray. And you can also change keyboard shortcuts for play/pause, previous track, next track, volume up, and volume down.

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