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Crow Translate – free desktop translation software

Other Features

Crow Translate offers an expanded translation if you enter a single word, like in the example below.


Let’s take a look at some of the other features of Crow Translate.

  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts. There are various shortcuts for global, main window including source text and translation.
  • Change the default engine.
  • Translation:
    • Source transliteration.
    • Translation transliteration.
    • Source transcription.
    • Translation options.
    • Examples.
  • Proxy server support.

Let’s now have a look at memory usage. I’m pleased to report that Crow Translate is frugal with memory consuming about 50MB of RAM when playing back a translation. Compared to running Google Translate in a web browser, Crow Translate is a very lightweight alternative.

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  1. Please recall there is a data security issue here. Your text is stored on the Google server if you use the Google API so you should not use this for anything confidential. Presumably the other APIs do the same to improve the quality of the translations.

      1. No, it isn’t. Doug is correct in pointing that out.
        Is it useful? Sure. Should it be used without care? Definitely not.

        Did you know Facebook registers everything its users write even if they eventually delete the text and decide not to post?

    1. Well, you shouldn’t use internet nowadays at all. Everything is tracking you. Do you give email and your name to leave commentary here, right?

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