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Best Free and Open Source Graphical Data Hashing Tools

Hashing is the process of passing data through a formula to produce a condensed fixed-value representation, called a hash value. That hash is typically a string of characters and the hashes generated by a formula are always the same length, regardless of how much data fed into it. For example, the MD5 formula produces 128-bit checksums. It converts data into blocks of specific sizes and manipulates that data a number of times.

Data security applications require the hash function is collision-resistant, which means that it is very hard to find data that will generate the same hash value. Hashing is an important method used for creating a digital signature and for encrypting data.

When you download a file from the internet, it’s good safety practice to check whether you received the original version. Comparing checksums you received from the file creator with the ones you obtain by checking the file yourself is a reliable way to confirm your download’s integrity.

This article represents the best GUI tools for data hashing. We only feature free and open source software.

Here’s our verdict captured in a legendary LinuxLinks-style ratings chart.

Ratings chart for best free and open source data hashing GUI tools

Let’s explore the data hashing GUI tools. For each program we have compiled its own portal page, a full description with an in-depth analysis of its features, together with links to relevant resources.

GUI Data Hashing Tools
GtkHashDesktop utility for computing message digests or checksums
QuickHash GUIData hashing tool
PyHash CheckerCheck the cryptographic checksum of a file
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