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Best Free Android Apps: Google Earth – explore your planet

There’s an eligibility criteria for inclusion in this series. See the criteria section at the bottom of this article.

Google Earth is an app that lets you discover the world in depth.

What can you do with Google Earth? For starters, the app lets you travel the world and explore new places with satellite imagery, 3D terrain of the entire globe, and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world.

Google Earth
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Features include:

  • Voyager – a showcase of interactive guided tours, quizzes and layers that aim to help educate everyone about the world, locations near and far. Google Earth helps visualise place-based stories in 3D and allows you to add rich geospatial context to your own Earth projects. There’s a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more.
  • Projects – create customized maps and stories about places around the world. Mark spots you care about, and add text, photos, and videos to complete your stories. You can also share your maps and stories with others to collaborate.
  • Customizable map style:
    • Clean – no borders, labels, places, or roads.
    • Exploration – borders, labels, places, and roads.
    • Turn off/on everything.
    • 3D Buildings.
    • Animated clouds.
    • Turn on gridlines to learn about geographic coordinates and get your approximate location on the Earth’s surface.
  • See a large collection of imagery in Google Earth, including satellite, aerial, 3D, and Street View images.
Google Earth
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FavouriteGoogle Earth has always held a fascination with us.

The app is particularly well implemented on Android. It’s fast and has seen many improvements to the user interface.

Find all the great free Android apps that meet our eligibility criteria. Never pay for an Android app again!

Eligibility criteria

For an Android app to be awarded our love, it must satisfy the following criteria:
bullet-valid-icon High quality with a good set of features, stable in operation and mature software;
bullet-valid-icon No charge to use the app;
bullet-valid-icon No intrusive ads in the program;
bullet-valid-icon Open source and proprietary software can be included;
bullet-valid-icon Apps where additional functionality is available for a payment can be included where appropriate.
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