9 Best Free Books to Learn about Rust

If you had to describe Rust in just three words, they would be fast, safe, and productive. There’s memory safety without garbage collection, concurrency without data races, abstraction without overhead, and stability without stagnation.

I recommend 8 books to get you up to speed with the Rust programming language. There’s introductory texts, books that dig deeper into the language, as well as other texts that will help you migrate from C++ and Ruby to Rust.

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Excellent Free Books to Learn about Clojure

Clojure is a dynamic functional general purpose programming language that runs on the Java platform. There’s lots of good reasons to learn Clojure. It offers a modern take on Lisp. There’s an excellent parser library, and a fully featured logic engine. In Clojure, immutability is the default. Once an object or data structure is created, it cannot be changed.

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