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Last Updated on May 29, 2021

In Operation

Here’s an image of Apostrophe in action. It shows the live preview functionality where you see your document compiled in real time. You can access the live preview feature with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P or from the three vertical dots.

Click for full size image

The software offers a useful popover which lets you preview things like equations, images, links, and footnotes.

Apostrophe - popover

There’s word definitions available:

Apostrophe - definitions
Click for full size image

What else does Apostrophe offer?

  • Full-width, half-width, half-height and windowed views.
  • Spellchecking with spelling suggestions.
  • Stats – toggle between number of characters, words, sentences, or paragraphs. There’s also the option to show the read time of the document.
  • Focus mode – this mode highlights only the current text around the cursor while fading the rest.
  • Hemingway mode – this mode disables your backspace and delete keys. It’s a technique which can help writers focus on content as it forces you to write rather than edit your document. In essence, it turns the program into a typewriter experience.
  • Full screen mode (F11). In this mode you can still access the menu and title bar.
  • Find and replace with option to replace all matches.
  • Drag and drop images.
  • 5 Markdown flavors are supported: Pandoc’s Markdown, CommonMark, GitHub Flavored Markdown, MultiMarkdown, and Plain Markdown.
  • Dark mode.
  • Export documents to multiple formats.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.

Apostrophe handles the font size dynamically, with the software changing it to ensure the same number of characters per line are displayed taking into account the size of the window.

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