Javadoc – tool for generating API documentation

Javadoc is a documentation generator tool produced by Sun Microsystems. This software generates API documentation in HTML format from Java source code.

The “doc comments” format used by Javadoc is the standard method for documenting Java classes. It integrates with programming tools. For example, NetBeans and Eclipse can automatically generate Javadoc HTML. Many file editors helps coders produce Javadoc source and will use the Javadoc info as internal references for the programmer.

Javadoc also provides an API for creating doclets and taglets, which allows you to analyze the structure of a Java application.

Features include:

  • Output formats (directly):
    • HTML.
  • Output formats (indirectly via third party doclets):
    • CHM.
    • RTF.
    • PDF.
    • LaTeX.
    • PostScript.
    • Man pages.
    • DocBook.
  • Doclet API is an API provided by the Javadoc tool for use by doclets.
  • Taglet API is an interface provided for custom formatting the text of Javadoc tags.
  • MIF Doclet automates the generation of API documentation in PDF by way of MIF.

Support: Reference
Developer: Oracle
License: GNU GPL v2

Javadoc is written in Java. Learn Java with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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