Java – programming language

Java represents a number of computer software products and specifications from Oracle Corporation (previously developed by Sun Microsystems) that provide a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform environment.

Java is a network-aware language superficially resembling C and C++, but much smaller and more compact and cleanly designed.

It’s an unlimited-extent language with garbage collection like Lisp, but with static type checking.

The Java plaform consists of several programs including:

    • Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a set of computer software programs and data structures which use a virtual machine model for the execution of other computer programs and scripts.
    • Java Compiler.
    • Java Runtime Environment, executes .class or .jar files, emulating the JVM instruction set by interpreting it, or using a just-in-time compiler (JIT).
    • Class libraries provide:
      • a well-known set of functions to perform common tasks.
      • an abstract interface to tasks that would normally depend heavily on the hardware and operating system.
      • APIs.

The vast majority of Java’s source code has been released under the GPL. However, there remains a few parts which are only distributed as precompiled binaries, without source code.

Features include:

  • Software written in the Java language run on any supported hardware/operating-system platform. In other words, a program can be written once, compiled once, and run on multiple operating systems.
  • Java syntax borrows heavily from C and C++ but it eliminates certain low-level constructs such as pointers and has a very simple memory model where every object is allocated on the heap and all variables of object types are references.

Developer: Oracle Corporation
License: Most of the Java technologies have been released under GNU GPL, but some remains proprietary

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