Graphite – enterprise-ready monitoring tool

Graphite is open source software that provides real-time visualization and storage of numeric time-series data on an enterprise level.

Graphite consists of a storage backend and a web-based visualization frontend. Client applications send streams of numeric time-series data to the Graphite backend (called carbon), where it gets stored in fixed-size database files similar in design to RRD. The web frontend provides 2 user interfaces for visualizing this data in graphs as well as a simple URL-based API for direct graph generation.

Graphite’s design is focused on providing simple interfaces (both to users and applications), real-time visualization, high-availability, and enterprise scalability.

The Graphite webapp is built on the Django web framework and uses the ExtJS Javascript GUI toolkit.

Features include:

  • Stores numeric time-series data.
  • Renders graphs of this data on demand.
  • 3 components:
    • carbon – a Twisted daemon that listens for time-series data.
    • whisper – a simple database library for storing time-series data (similar in design to RRD).
    • graphite webapp – A Django webapp that renders graphs on-demand using Cairo.
  • Charts values and displays them as time series data to which can be applied apply filters and functions.
  • Real-time graphs.
  • Allows for dragging and dropping of graphs on top of each other.

Support: Documentation
Developer: Orbitz
License: Apache License 2.0


Graphite is written in JavaScript. Learn JavaScript with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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