Battle Tanks – fun and dynamic game

Battle Tanks is a fast 2D tank arcade game with multiplayer and split-screen modes.

“Battle Tanks” is billed as a funny battle on your desk, where you can choose one of three vehicles and eliminate your enemy using a whole arsenal of weapons.

It has original cartoon-like graphics and cool music, it is fun and dynamic, it has several network modes for deathmatch and cooperative — what else is needed to have fun with your friends? And all is packed and ready for you in “Battle Tanks”.

Features include:

  • Multiplayer game. Network game and split screen mode are available, and also a mixed mode is possible, when two players use split screen on the server computer, and others connect via LAN. Two modes are available: deathmatch battle and cooperative game.
  • Builders of “Battle Tanks” love these good old arcades of the past century. So they have tried hard to implement everything best of these old arcade games.

Performance characteristics:

  • Three vehicles: Tank, Shilka, and rocket launcher. Each vehicle has its special features.
  • Lots of weapons:
    • Four types of ammo:
      • “Eternal fire” type tank shell.
      • Shell with laughset focal point.
      • Explosive shell.
      • Dirt gun.
    • Six types of rockets:
      • Homing Missile.
      • Uncontrolled rocket.
      • Boomerang rocket.
      • Gas rocket.
      • Stop-rocket.
      • Nuclear missile “Pure Thermonuke”.
    • Landing troops: Machine gun and rocket troopers.
    • Mines.
    • MG turret.
  • 13 Multiplayer maps (nine for deathmatch and four for cooperative mode) in different locations such as city, village, forest, desert etc.
  • Game world that reacts on player. Roads have traffic, buildings can be destroyed, weather effects are simulated…
  • Lots of war objects: troops, vehicles, helicopters and other.
  • Keyboard and gamepad are supported.

Support: FAQ
Developer: Netive Media Group
License: GNU GPL v2

Battle Tanks

Battle Tanks is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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