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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
Kega Fusion
Kega Fusion is an impressive multi-console emulator created by Steve Snake. The emulator supports most of the Sega consoles, including the GameGear, Genesis (Mega Drive), Master System, Sega 32X, Sega CD, Sega Pico, SG-1000, SG-3000 and SF-7000. Read more


  • IP Traffic Volume Logger
    IP Traffic Volume Logger is a simple network traffic volume logging tool which uses linux kernel iptables to count incoming and outgoing iptraffic volume (i.e. total number of bytes) through your network devices.
  • ipaudit-web
    ipaudit-web is a collection of cron, shell and cgi scripts which run ipaudit, collect the data and produces half hour and daily webified reports.
  • IPplan
    IPplan is a web based, multilingual, IP address management and tracking tool based on php 4, simplifying the administration of your IP address space. IPplan can handle a single network or cater for multiple networks with overlapping address space.
  • IptablesWeb
    IptablesWeb is a free software (under GPL licence) that makes it possible to inspect iptables logs by using a web browser. It's a plugin-based multilanguage software written in PHP using 3 free PHP classes.
    JFFNMS stands for Just For Fun Network Management System. It is a NMS (Network Management System) designed to mantain a SNMP/Syslog/Tacacs Network.
  • jRouter
    jRouter is a Web-based Linux router management system. It's designed to be a simple all-in-one router setup and management utility. Allows configuration of network interfaces, dhcpd, iptables, port forwarding, IP/MAC address filters.
  • Kattive
    Kattive is a captive portal with an interesting interface, written in Perl and completely Web-based.
  • KBPack
    KBPack is a package for installing pre-compiled utilities, libraries, and services, and for extending some functionality on QNAP TS-101/TS-201. KBPack contains a Web UI to manage its services and functions.
  • KnProxy
    KnProxy is a small PHP based Web proxy that makes use of the cURL module built into PHP.
  • LAN Management System
    LAN Management System is a set of PHP, C, and Perl applications for management of local area networks and ISPs.
  • LDAPAuthManager
    LDAPAuthManager is an open source (AGPL) web-based application that can connect to an LDAP database and provide user and group management.
  • LinID Directory Manager
    LinID Directory Manager provides a simple environment for developing ready-to-use Web interfaces built on top of a LDAPv3 compliant directory with CRUD, self editing, and delegation support.
  • local-openid
    local-openid allows users with shell accounts on servers to authenticate with OpenID consumers by editing a YAML file in their home directory instead of authenticating through HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Looking Glass
    A Looking Glass written in Perl as a CGI script. It can execute almost all BGP-related commands and do ping and traceroute in routers or relay these queries to other looking glasses.
  • m0n0wall-CMI
    m0n0wall-CMI is a Web-based centralized management interface to manage m0n0wall devices remotely. This project is packaged together with developer documentation to ease the work of someone who would like to contribute to the code.
  • MailBridge
    MailBridge acts as a HTTP tunnel to give you access to your POP and SMTP services through a (corporate / university / etc) firewall. It provides a local POP and SMTP server so you can use your favorite email client to read and write your emails.
  • Maintain
    Maintain is a multi-user, web based management tool for DNS and DHCP. It was created using PHP, Perl and MySQL. Maintain was developed by Oregon State University's Network Engineering to replace a set of command line scripts that edited DNS zone files. These scripts were used by many Administrators across campus.
  • MezzengerKlient
    MezzengerKlient (MZK) is a simple PHP class for making MSN Messenger bots. It uses object oriented programming, with the use of Events, for handling and processing the actions made in the Notification Session and SwitchBoard sessions. It uses the MSNP9 protocol.
  • Mila Ajax Map
    Mila Ajax Map is an AJAX Web application that may be used with a Web browser to display a network map with monitoring functions.
  • mobiki
    mobiki is a small wiki engine implemented as one PHP file. It is optimized for usage with mobile devices, slim HTTP requests, and fast content delivery.
  • Modoboa
    Modoboa is a Web based application to create, administrate, and use virtual domain hosting platforms.
  • MRTGWebCfg
    MRTGWebCfg is a tool for configuring MRTG through a Web-based interface.
  • MRTR
    The Message Router (MRTR) application will move a message from a central WebSphere MQ queue to a specific application WebSphere MQ queue.
  • Mwamko
    Mwamko provides Web-based and command line utilities to delegate OpenVZ virtual environments to people. The Web interface lets a user register, create, stop, start, and destroy personal virtual environments. Mwamko also allocates IP addresses to the dynamic set of virtual environments.
  • myAmavis
    myAmavis is a small Web frontend to amavisd-new. You can configure per recipient spam and virus filter settings, have a lightweight quarantine management frontend, and have a statistics module for mail messages processed by amavisd-new. It is based on the SQL lookup and storage feature of amavisd-new.
  • MyDNSConfig
    MyDNSConfig is a Web-based control panel for the MYDNS name server. MyDNS is designed to serve DNS records directly from a MySQL database. MyDNSConfig is a web-interface to the MyDNS database.
  • myfiles
    myfiles is a Web application that serves as a way to automatically display and allow downloads (or authorized uploads) of files to any selected directory.
  • Nagios Config
    Nagios Config is a web front end wrote in PHP to configure Nagios, an open source host, service and network monitoring program
  • NamedManager
    NamedManager is an AGPL web-based DNS management system designed to make the adding, adjusting and removal of zones/records easy and reliable.
  • naraio
    Naraio is a complete package of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Openssl, Openssh, OpenLDAP, Subversion, Ruby, Python, Phpldapadmin, and Trac. Naraio works with secure LDAP. Users of Trac and Subversion are authenticated with the included OpenLDAP. This is similar to LAMP software with more packages. Naraio is designed to be small and flexible. It is suitable both for small and big enterprises.
  • Nelisys Management System
    Nelisys is a Web-based system to manage and monitor systems and networks, including router, switches, WAPs, servers, networking services, etc. There are performance and fault management functions.
  • NetMatrix
    NetMatrix provides a "dash board" view of the entire network and aids in the identification of network hot spots.
  • netUstad
    netUstad is a Web interface for managing network services. It provides firewall management, routing table management, NAT configuration, DHCP server configuration, interface configuration, etc.
  • Network Management Center
    Network Management Center is a comprehensive network device management tool. After entering each network device, every detail can be tracked and monitored. Having this information accessible simplifies the process of troubleshooting a network.
  • NFGWebChat
    NFGWebChat is a single channel chat Web application designed with scalability and accessibility in mind.
  • nnmon
    nnmon is a central database and a Web interface for the nmon program's data. It allows you to store and view nmon data instantly.
  • NovaDNS
    NovaDNS is a tool to manage lots of zone files (domains) from a user friendly (web)interface. Zone data and user data are stored in a MySQL database and new zonefiles (for Bind) are generated periodically from a cron job.
  • NTPmon
    NTPmon is a Web-based monitor for (usually LAN-based) NTP servers. It provides a small number of health metrics that help to locate NTP configuration or operational trouble spots.
  • Observium
    Observium is an autodiscovering PHP/MySQL based network monitoring system focused primarily on Cisco and Linux networks but includes support for a wide range of network hardware and operating systems.
  • Open Web Analytics
    Open Web Analytics (OWA) is an open source web analytics framework written in PHP that you can use to track and analyze how people use your websites and applications. Read more
  • OpenIRCStats
    OpenIRCStats is a irc stats package written in php and perl that allows you to put your irc server information on your website. Features include a channellist, a average user list, and server stats such as total channels, user, and operators.
  • OpenNetAdmin
    OpenNetAdmin provides a database managed inventory of your IP network (IPAM). Each host can be tracked via a centralized AJAX-enabled Web interface that can help reduce tracking errors. It also has the ability to generate DHCP and DNS configuration for individual servers from the data stored in the database. There is a command line interface for batch scripting that can be accessed remotely or locally.
  • openpom
    openpom is a Web-based user interface for Nagios. It allows you to view almost everything about Nagios in a single page: alert, ack, downtime, comment.
  • OpenSharePoint
    OpenSharePoint is an Intra/Extranet Portal Server just like Sharepoint Portal Server but have application client interface to a document repository (OpenDigital Assistant). This application can share user files (compressed format like : zip, tar, tar.gz, tgz).
  • OpenVCP
    OpenVCP is a VServer control panel developed for use with Linux in combination with Linux-VServer. It allows you to manage VServers on more than one physical server over a single Web interface.
  • Orion Secure Message Gateway
    OrionSMG is a secure message gateway for transporting ebXML, SOAP, and custom message formats. It complies with the OASIS ebXML 2.0 specification, and can act in both intermediary and processing MHS roles to provide end-to-end reliable messaging. The program runs natively on Linux, OS X, and Windows with ODBC/PostgreSQL database support.
  • oVirt
    oVirt is a small host image that provides libvirt service and hosts virtual machines (oVirt Node) and a Web-based virtual machine management console (oVirt Server Suite). It is built using existing open source components (libvirt, kvm, collectd, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and freeIPA).
  • pamtester
    pamtester is a tiny utility program to test the pluggable authentication modules (PAM) facility. While specifically designed to help PAM module authors to test their own modules, it might also be handy for system administrators interested in building a centralized authentication system using common standards such as NIS, SASL, and LDAP.
  • Phind
    Phind is a fully-featured domain name server. It supports the PEAR database abstraction class as well as djbdns, tinydns, and bind configuration files.

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