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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
(commercial) Mathematica seamlessly integrates a numeric and symbolic computational engine, graphics system, programming language, documentation system, and advanced connectivity to other applications. It is this range of capabilities--many world-leading in their own right--that makes Mathematica uniquely capable as a "one-stop shop" for you or your organization's technical work. It can handle complex symbolic calculations that often involve hundreds of thousands or millions of terms. Read more


  • Simple PHP Database
    Simple PHP Database allows prototyping of databases through easy field creation, renaming, and deletion without loosing data. It is not intended for direct use in projects. Instead, you should create your own scripts based on the code provided.
  • SODA Native XML Database System
    SODA Native XML Database System is a native XML database that provides efficient management of large amounts of XML data. It is based on a multi-user, client-server architecture with a generic query processing layer that can easily support different query languages.
  • SoftDB
    SoftDB is a simple software database with a web interface designed to serve the needs of a particular field of research, in this case, structural biology.
  • Son of Service
    Son of Service is a multiuser volunteer management database for non-profits, charities, schools, churches, and clubs. SOS will keep track of your volunteers, their contact information, availability, work history, comments, reminders, and relationships. It will help you quickly find the right volunteer for the job and e-mail him, and it will make reports about how you are using volunteers.
  • SQL Relay
    SQL Relay maintains open connections to Oracle databases and provides a C++ API for querying these connections, enabling faster access to the databases than possible using Oracle API's.
  • SQLDiff
    SQLDiff shows the difference between two SQL database tables.
  • sqlite-php
    sqlite-php is a module to interface with the SQLite library, allowing PHP scripts to access/query SQLite databases.
  • SQLiteManager
    SQLiteManager is a multilingual web based tool to manage SQLite database. The programming language used is: PHP4, but the portage towards PHP5 will be easy.
  • SQLView
    SQLView provides a user friendly interface for browsing a SQL database and modifying SQL tables using a web browser. This is strictly an application to give users access to view and modify their SQL tables. It is not a tool to help database administrators.
  • SQuaLe
    SQuaLe is a glib based SQL query load balancer over persitent database connections.
  • Staffhols
    Staffhols is a basic system to allow employees to book holiday/vacation from a simple web based interface, preventing over booking, and reducing administration.
  • tdbengine Control Center
    tdbengine Control Center is a web based table browser running in your favorite web browser. With tdbcc you can easily navigate through your tdbengine based databases, alter existing tables, create new ones and easily manipulate data.
  • tdbSQL
    tdbSQL is a complete implementation of an EASY sql server for the tdbengine RDBMS without needing a web server (CGI). It is a client-server-solution which can be accessed via TCP.
  • transAuction
    transAuction is a simple single user database that holds the information related to each step of the selling process on eBay.
  • WebComicsDB
    WebComicsDB is a simplistic, free web system to catalog your comic book collection. The goal was to replace my existing FileMaker Pro database due to it's inherent limitations.
  • WebMySQL
    WebMySQL is a web interface to a MySQL database server featuring advanced query options, mysqldump file import.
  • Websqlbrowse
    Websqlbrowse is a web-based SQL database browser. It allows you to quickly and easily view your database tables and add, update, or delete records from within your web browser.
  • webXadmin
    webXadmin is a generic PHP/MySQL application that performs data management through a Web-based HTML interface.
  • WeSQL
    Web Enabled SQL (WeSQL) library: an extension to HTML, acting as a glue between HTML and SQL. WeSQL allows the use of pure SQL queries directly in html files
  • Winzig
    Winzig is a suite of PIM style applications written in Python/GTK. It is small in code size and screen real estate usage which make it suitable for use on regular computers as well as PDAs.
  • Wuff's MovieDB
    Wuff's MovieDB is a database written in PHP using MySQL to catalogue your DivX-releases and VCDs.
  • WyCSV
    WyCSV is a web interface, using WySQL for dbms connection and querying, for dumping and uploading tables to/from CSV file.
  • WySQL
    WySQL is a trivial web interface, written in PHP4, for remote database management (MySQL only as now), when telnet/ssh is not available.
  • xferlogDB
    A PHP/MySQL tool for analysing xferlog from glFTPd, and it is compatible with version 1.x up to 2.x. xferlogDB reads the log file from glftpd and adds the data to a MySQL database. The rest is done by PHP scripts.
  • XiSQL
    XiSQL is a XInclude and Oracle XSQL-like processor, implemented as CGI-program. XiSQL allows you to insert the data from a database into XHTML without need to develop any scripts.
  • XML to DDL
    XML to DDL is a set of python programs to convert an XML representation of a database into a set of SQL (or DDL: Data Definition Language) statements.
    XMLDB provides an xml persistance layer using the postgresql database. It is still by far the fastest library for xml data retrieval and xsl translation.
  • Yap
    Yet Another Pager: a MySQL pager, which supports row editing and interactive search patterns. It has two view modes: table view, and detail view
  • Zaval Database Export Utility
    Zaval Database Export Utility is a light-weight, web-based client, specially designed for data export from any database without having to launch the database-specific administrative clients or tools.
  • Zaval Database Front-end
    Zaval Database Front-end is a light and functional web-based front-end to any database you have JDBC drivers to.
  • ZBase
    ZBase is an object framework (set of classes) written in PHP4 allowing to develop the www frontend of a database very quickly and simply.

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