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 · 9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
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 · Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection – Games for the Brain
 · Captain Holetooth – Explorative 2D Platform Game for Kids
 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
 · YouTube Channel
 · Minilens – Fun Open Source Puzzle Platform Game
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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
Tupi (a fork of KToon) is a 2D Animation Toolkit designed by animators (Toonka Films) for animators, focused to the Cartoon Industry. Read more


  • Mencoder
    Mencoder is a simple movie encoder, designed to encode MPlayer-playable movies (AVI/ASF/OGG/DVD/VCD/VOB/MPG/MOV/VIV/FLI/RM/NUV/NET) to other MPlayer-playable formats. It can encode with various codecs, like DivX4 (1 or 2 passes), libavcodec, PCM/MP3/VBRMP3 audio. Read more hot
  • transcode
    Transcode is a suite of command line utilities for transcoding video and audio codecs, and for converting beween different container formats. Transcode can decode and encode many audio and video formats, e.g. MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4(-part 3) (also DivX and XviD variants), Quicktime / MPEG-PS (dvd) (decode only), MPEG-1-layer-1/2/3 audio, and AC3 audio. A variety of video and audio pre and post-processing filters are also available. Read more hot
  • AcidRip
    AcidRip is a Gtk::Perl application for ripping and encoding DVD's. It neatly wraps MPlayer and MEncoder.
  • Arista
    Arista is an easy-to-use multimedia transcoder for the GNOME desktop. It focuses on the goal of transcoding media, namely the devices you wish to play the media on. Read more
  • Auto-Transcode
    Auto-Transcode is a user-friendly GTK2 GUI for Transcode. It allows you to easily convert between various audio and video formats.
  • avconv
    Libav is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec - the leading audio/video codec library. One of the components of libav is avconv, a fast open source video and audio converter that can also grab from a live audio/video source. The command-line tool can also convert between arbitrary sample rates and resize video on the fly with a high quality polyphase filter. Read more
  • avi2divx and mpeg2divx
    avi2divx and mpeg2divx are tools hacked up that are able to convert all(?) AVI and MPEG files to AVIs with DivX ;-) video and MP3 audio.
  • Avi2Mpeg
    Avi2Mpeg is a simple perl script to convert avi files to mpeg. Supported mpeg formats are VCD, SVCD and DVD, all in NTSC or PAL norm.
  • boxtream
    Boxtream is both an audio and video encoder and streamer and an assembly of audio and video hardware, forming a mobile video streaming studio.
  • disckret
    disckret is a descrambler for the discreet encoding used by some tv channels to encrypt their transmission.
  • DivX converter
    DivX converter is a simple Mencoder frontend to Produce DivX Player Compatible AVI video format with the ability to merge subtitles . It support many video and audio filters and many presets.
  • DivXripper
    DivXripper is a GPLed program to convert files from MPEG to AVI using the DivX ;-) Codec.
  • Drip
    Drip is a DVD to DIVX conversion application. It's made up out two applications: a DVD reader and a DIVX encoder. The reader is a GUI for the GNOME environment, the DIVX encoder a text mode tool.
  • dsmcc-mhp-tools
    dsmcc-mhp-tools is a collection of utilities for generating MPEG2 elementary streams including DSM-CC MHP ObjectCarousels and other MPEG2/MHP-specific structures, especially the ones used for proper signalling.
  • dv2jpg
    dv2jpg is a digital video (dv) avi to mjpeg-encoded avi converter.
  • DVBlast
    DVBlast is a simple and powerful MPEG-2/TS demux and streaming application.
  • dvbshout
    dvbshout takes an MPEG transport stream from a DVB card, extracts audio channels from stream, and sends the audio to an Icecast / Shoutcast server. It had only been tested with DVB-S, but should also work with DVB-C and DVB-T.
  • DVBStreamer
    DVBStreamer is an console based application to stream an entire DVB service over UDP. It differs from other DVB streaming applications by the use of the DVB-SI to work out the PIDs to stream and correctly stream services which use a separate PCR PID.
  • DvdKup
    DvdKup is a GTK interface for Mencoder, the encoding command of the software MPlayer. It allows to easily create a backup copy of your dvd in MPEG4 standard, fully compatible with your DivX player.
  • ElphelOgm
    ElphelOgm is a command line program that receives a realtime multicast UDP stream in RTP/MJPEG format and saves it in Ogg/MJPEG format with variable framerate.
  • FAME
    Fast Assembly Mpeg Encoder is a project to bring real-time MPEG encoding to personal computers. It aims to be fast and configurable, and to allow encoding from various sources to a file or a network stream.
  • FFpocket
    FFpocket is a tool for using ffmpeg's features. It carries out the tasks of frame decoding from a video file, audio decoding from a multimedia file (video/audio) precise frame/time seeking including b-frames, audio downsampling and special minmax averaging. The source code is intented to be simple, human-readable and free of memory leaks. It can be used as a shared library by larger projects that want to incorporate multimedia features.
  • file2divx3pass
    file2divx3pass is a simple perl-GTK frontend to mencoder. It can encode any media file supported by mencoder to DiVX, in 1-, 2- or 3-pass encoding.
  • FooRipper
    FooRipper is an easy to use DVD ripper and DIVX four-pass encoder for the GNOME desktop. GUI for mencoder, lsdvd and vobcopy.
  • gmencoder
    gmencoder is a gnome-2 front-end to mplayer/mencoder. It support much of the output codecs as well as postprocesing, cropping, scale, subtitles ripping, 1, 2 and 3 passes for encoding and a lot of more options are planned.
  • gtranscode
    gtranscode is a GTK+ GUI (graphical use interface) front-end for transcode in order to make this powerful tool easier to use. transcode is a powerful video and audio processing tool that can read in just about any format of video and/or audio and convert to just as many different formats.
  • Gv4l
    Gv4l is a gui frontend of the v4l (Video For Linux) functions of transcode (which means you need transcode if you want to try it). It's tested to work with transcode-0.6.0.
  • im2avi
    im2avi is a small program for making AVIs from sequences of images. It makes use of avifile for encoding video streams.
  • iPod Video Encoder
    iPod Video Encoder is a commandline frontend for ffmpeg, which simplifies encoding video files for use on the new 5G iPod. Besides encoding of single files, the program supports batch encoding of whole directories, and automatic generation of podcasts.
  • Iris
    Iris is a video conversion utility in C++ that works as a front-end to mencoder. It can run in command-line or graphical modes and currently supports conversion to DVD MPEG, VCD MPEG, and DivX AVI.
  • kavi2svcd
    kavi2svcd is a graphical user interface that generates an mpeg-file from an avi-file using transcode and mplex, from the mpeg-file it generates an image for a Video-CD using vcdimager and finally it burns the CD with cdrdao.
  • KMencoder
    kmencoder is a frontend to mencoder/mplayer for KDE.
  • Konverter
    Konverter is a KDE MEncoder frontend for easy video conversions.
  • m2psd
    m2psd demultiplexs an MPEG 2 Program Stream provided that the packs are exactly 2048 bytes long. It was written for use with MPEG 2 Program Streams recorded by a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250 or 350, and trimmed with Womble (Windows) or GOPChop (Linux).
  • mkdvd
    Mkdvd is an easy-to-use front-end for several programs which allows simplifies converting most kinds of movies to a DVD which you can watch in your DVD player or give to your friends. While mkdvd is not a graphical front-end, it automates the entire task of creating a DVD into one simple command. Mkdvd runs on any UNIX platform, as long as the programs below are available.
  • MovieConvert
    MovieConvert is an easy to use graphical frontend to mencoder (from the mplayer project).
  • MPEG-2 TS over RTP
    MPEG-2 TS over RTP allows you to{uni,multi,broad}cast MPEG-2 transport streams. A simple client, dumprtp, is also provided.
  • mpg2ppm
    mpg2ppm is a MPEG-VStream decoder based on mpeg2decode (c)MPEGSSGroup. The difference with the original one are it has the ability to extract the desired frames, or GOPs, only.
  • mplex13818
    mplex13818 is an ISO 13818 stream multiplexer for real-time usage that handles both program and transport streams and PES. It is designed to run uninterruptedly on a streaming server that propagates a number of ISO 13818 broadcast streams, reorganizing the streams in real time.
  • mptsd
    mptsd receives mpegts streams from multicast (udp/rtp) or http and combines them into one multiple program stream that is suitable for outputing to DVB-C modulator.
  • OGMRip
    OGMRip is an application and a set of libraries for ripping and encoding DVD into DivX/OGM files using a wide variety of codecs. It relies on mplayer, mencoder, ogmtools, oggenc and lame to perform its tasks. Read more
  • p2pd
    The p2pd toolkit is an implementation of The SPP architecture. The SPP architecture was designed to be a scalable solution for commercial VoD distribution, with support for interactivity, encrypted video, caching, and node clustering.
  • Palantir
    Palantir is a Linux-based streaming system designed to transmit live video, audio and data over a TCP/IP network, as well as to control remote devices.
  • PlayStation Portable Video Converter
    PlayStation Portable Video Converter (PSPVC) is a FFMPEG front-end for converting video files for the PSP. It allow you to queue severals conversions with different parameters for each. It supports MPEG4/SP (all firmware) and H264/AVC (firmware 2.0+).
  • recordMyDesktop
    recordMyDesktop is a program that captures audio and video data from a Linux desktop session, producing an Ogg-encapsulated Theora-Vorbis file. The main goal is to be as unobstrusive as possible by processing only regions of the screen that have changed. Read more
  • recps
    recps takes a stream from an encoder board and writes it to disc. The MPEG data format is checked for compliance and bad data is thrown out. The recording can be split into more than one file, interactively or, based on the file size, automatically.
  • SAMPEG-2
    SAMPEG-2 is a software only MPEG-1/2 video encoder targeted for optimum picture quality. To achieve this, it uses scene change rate control, adaptive quantization and a rich set of motion vector estimation algorithms.
  • ScreenStudio
    ScreenStudio lets you record your desktop in a full HD video files. Overlay some text or even your webcam. It also lets you stream your desktop to services like UStream, Hitbox or
  • Simple iPod Video Encoder
    Simple iPod Video Converter (SIVE) is a GTK 2 frontend to mplayer, mencoder, and mp4creator. With it, you can convert your movies to play them on your iPod very easily.
  • thin liquid film
    thin liquid film (TLF) is an application that allows Linux users to quickly and easily convert video files into a format suitable for playing on the video capable iPods. It uses the ffmpeg engine and allows batch processing of any number of files, displays detailed information about source video files, saves default settings for future sessions, has configurable output quality settings, and displays a progress bar. Encoded files can be uploaded directly to your iPod.
  • Transcoder
    Transcoder is a video converter for Linux using GTK+ as GUI toolkit and ffmpeg as backend.
  • Transmageddon
    Transmageddon is a video conversion tool supporting transcoding videos from almost any format to a wide range of popular output formats. It also supports target profiles for specific devices.
  • Vcd PyCoder
    Vcd PyCoder is a graphical front-end to transcode, mplayer, vcdimager, and other video conversion tools. It is programmed in wxpython. This front-end allows the user to easily create VCD videos using transcode and burn them to CD with vcdimager and cdrdao.
  • VCDGear
    VCDGear allows a user to extract MPEG streams from CD images, convert VCD files to MPEG, correct MPEG errors, and more -- all in a single step.
  • Videoconv
    Videoconv is a shell-based frontend to mjpeg-tools, transcode, vcdimager, and cdrdao. This script converts AVI videos to VCD, SVCD, or DivX, and optionally burns them to CD. The script was designed to allow even unexperienced users to convert videos.
  • VK Tafe
    VK Tafe parses and analyzes MPEG-2 Transport Streams.
  • vobps2fix
    vobps2fix runs through a set of .VOB files created by dvdauthor, tweaking them so that the Playstation 2 will play them without pausing.
  • vobstripper
    vobstripper copies a .VOB file from stdin to stdout, discarding subtitles and all but one AC3 audio channel.
  • WinFF
    WinFF is a cross platform batch GUI for FFmpeg. WinFF processes multiple files in multiple formats at one time. For example, it will convert MPEG, FLV, and MOV files into AVI files all at once. Read more
  • Winki The Ripper
    Winki The Ripper aims to be the easiest program for video encoding. It is actually just a graphical frontend for GNOME written in python to command line tools like mencoder, mplayer, mkvtoolnix, oggenc and lsdvd.d lsdvd

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