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3 Open Source Python Shells
Python is a very useful and popular computer language. One of the benefits of using an interpreted language such as Python is exploratory programming with its interactive shell.

(Read more)
Star Conflict
Star Conflict is a free action-packed Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) space game where players control their own spaceships. The game uses instanced battles, with struggle for dominance in space sectors. Read more


  • aKregator
    aKregator is a KDE RSS aggregator that supports the best known metaphors from existing aggregators. Read more hot
  • Canto
    Canto is an Atom/RSS feed reader for the console that is meant to be quick, concise, and colorful. Read more hot
  • Liferea
    Liferea is a simple FeedReader clone for Unix distributions with GNOME2. It is a news aggregator for RSS/RDF feeds which also supports CDF channels, Atom/Echo/PIE feeds and OCS directories. Read more hot
  • Lightread
    Lightread is an excellent offline Google Reader. With beautiful design and incredible Ubuntu integration, Lightread is the best RSS reader for Linux. hot
  • Newsbeuter
    Newsbeuter is an RSS feed reader designed to be used on text terminals on Unix and Unix-like systems. It was developed with texttools users in mind, and thus its interface is similar to tools like mutt and slrn. Read more hot
  • Alligator
    Alligator is an RSS aggregator. It supports all RSS formats (Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication) and Atom. It has a simple, clean, user-friendly interface and an embedded Gecko-based browser.
  • Blam
    Blam is a tool that helps you keep track of the growing number of news feeds distributed as RSS. Blam lets you subscribe to any number of feeds and provides an easy to use and clean interface to stay up to date.
  • blindRSS
    blindRSS is a very simple browser-operated RSS reader. You can click through the feeds in a sidebar, use the (hopefully self-explanatory) icons next to them to manipulate them, and do all the other stuff a RSS reader should do. It's programmed so that the feeds are reread by a cronjob or daemon, while as much functionality as possible is done within the client.
  • castget
    castget is a simple, command-line based RSS enclosure downloader. It is primarily intended for automatic, unattended downloading of podcasts.
  • Feedly
    Feedly is a news aggregator application for various Web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android, and is also available as a cloud-based service. Feedly compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others. It is a better way to organize, read, and share the content of your favorite sites. Read more
  • Feedspot
    Feedspot is a social feed reader. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources based on topic or website, which the user can customize and share with users of various social networks. Read more
  • gfeed
    gfeed is a gtk+-2.0 based RSS/RDF feed reader. It currently supports most basic RSS/RDF feeds that do not include html. It is not designed to be an aggregator but a simple, light reader to be integrated into your desktop.
  • GFetchnews
    GFetchnews is a newsfetcher for GTK. It downloads news to a buffer file in mbox format and posts news from a spool directory.
  • GNUsTicker
    GNUsTicker is a GNOME panel applet for aggregating RSS, RDF, ATOM, etc. and scrolling news. It may be extended for feeding info from differente sources (an example for POP3 mail server is provided).
  • is a lightweight, easy-to-use RSS reader application for GNUstep. It understands RSS 0.91, 1.0, 2.0, and ATOM 0.3, as well as different extensions to these standards.
  • InoReader
    InoReader is a light and fast RSS/Atom Reader inspired by the now defunct Google Reader. Read more
  • kReiSSy
    kReiSSy is an integrated RSS feed reader and Web browser implemented in pykde. Its distinctive feature is that you can tag any artice you read in the Internet and it becomes an article you can view, search, and tag in the main interface.
  • KrISS feed
    KrISS feed is a simple and smart (or stupid) feed reader.
  • News Notification
    News Notification pops up a small window when a subscribed RSS feed has news.
  • NewsFeed
    NewsFeed is an RSS/RDF/Atom reader and aggregator that features minimal dependencies (it uses Python/Tk), a live search function, and audio notification when new items are available.
  • offrss
    offrss is a standalone program that can download your favorite feeds and then show them in your favorite Web browser by spawning a simple local Web server.
  • PenguinTV
    PenguinTV is a Python-based RSS reader specifically designed for downloading and viewing podcasts and video blog entries.
  • pr2nntp
    pr2nntp is a gateway from RSS to NNTP. It is quite flexible, easy to use, and easy to maintain.
  • Pulse
    Pulse is an award winning news reading application for web browsers, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The application displays news from multiple RSS feeds in a single page using a tile based interface. Pulse has been praised by users for its sleek, easy to use design. Read more
  • Red Tree Reader
    Red Tree Reader is a project to reproduce the now departed Google Reader. The service has been driven heavily by feedback from users. Read more
  • Rol
    Rol is a simple application for reading RSS or RDF feeds such as those produced by many news sites or weblogs. It is not intended to do anything more than display the headlines and allow you to choose which to read in your web browser. Rol is written on Debian GNU/Linux, but it should work on any POSIX system.
  • rss2twitter
    rss2twitter is a tool to batch send the links and posts of an RSS feed to Twitter.
  • rss4jsp
    rss4jsp provides a suite of JSP tags for consuming and displaying external feeds in all the popular RSS and Atom formats, including RSS 0.90, RSS 0.91 (Netscape and Userland), RSS 0.92, RSS 0.93, RSS 0.94, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom 0.3, and Atom 1.0.
  • RSScache
    RSScache is a cache and proxy for feeds (incl. RSS) with means of merging and searching information from feeds and generating new sites from it using XSL or other template engines.
  • RSSMailFeed
    RSSMailFeed is a program to send the contents of an RSS feed through email. It works with RSS feeds that require authentication (even "locked" journal or blog posts).
  • rsstail
    RSSTail is more or less an rss reader: it monitors an rss-feed and if it detects a new entry it'll emit only that new entry.
  • SilverReader
    SilverReader is a simple but powerful RSS news reader. It is a Google Reader alternative that follows most of the Google Reader layout and also has the same keyboard shortcuts. Read more
  • Snownews
    Snownews is a text mode RSS/RDF newsreader (similar to what lynx is for web-browsing). Read more
  • The Old Reader
    The Old Reader allows users to browse their daily dose of content with that very special bit shared by friends, with notes and comments. Read more
  • Yet Another RSS Aggregator
    Yara (Yet Another RSS Aggregator) is a fast, embeddable RSS aggregator and parser. It exposes a very simple C API. It uses the Expat XML parser and templates for rendering. It does not download files itself, as most frameworks come with easy-to-use methods to do so. A stand-alone RSS viewer is included.

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