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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
pdfgrep is a commandline utility to search text in PDF files. pdfgrep tries to be compatible with GNU Grep, where it makes sense. Many of your favorite grep options are supported (such as -r, -i, -n or -c).


  • Charly
    Charly is similar to the well known Lemmings or Pingus, but it is not a clone and is not meant to be one.
  • Circus Linux
    Circus Linux is a clone of the Atari 2600 game Circus Atari. The object is to move a teeter-totter back and forth across the screen to bounce clowns up into the air. When they reach the top, they pop rows of balloons and then fall back down.
  • Cold War
    (commercial) Cold War follows the story of a freelance journalist who finds himself in the midst of an international conspiracy that aims to control the U.S.S.R. Twelve hours after arriving in Moscow for a routine story, he has been stripped of all possessions, beaten unconscious and thrown into the KGB`s political prison. Using only recovered weapons and improvised gadgets, he must now evade or overcome elite Soviet forces and defeat the conspiracy before he is sent to a Siberian prison camp or killed. Read more
  • Copter Commander
    Copter Commander is a free implementation of Armor Alley and Rescue Raiders.
  • crazylines
    crazylines is a classic line game with (optional) twists. For up to 4 players, you play a line that gets longer and longer and your goal is to stay alive by not crashing into your own or other lines.
  • Crossfire
    Crossfire is a cross-platform, SDL-based clone of the old C64 game Crossfire.
  • Dave Gnukem
    Dave Gnukem is a 2D scrolling platform shooter. It is inspired by and similar to Duke Nukem 1. It currently runs on Windows, Linux and BeOS.
  • DeadlyCobra
    DeadlyCobra is an SDL based game similar to the classic Nibbles or snake game. The point is to eat as many "Men" as possible without eating yourself or hitting a wall. Features include single & multiplayer modes, cool 2-D graphics and great music.
  • Debian vs Pimientos
    Debian vs Pimientos is an arcade game developed using the SDL libraries SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf. This permits the portability of the game to some systems and machines. The game concept is very easy to understand and to play. There are a lot of peppers (pimientos is the spanish word for peppers) that are flying by the sky, and you, armed with the Debian logo must fight them. The Debian logo shoots GNU heads to kill these devil pimientos.
  • Defendguin
    Defendguin is a clone of the arcade game "Defender," but with a Linux theme. Your mission is to defend little penguinoids from being captured and mutated.
  • Detritus
    Detritus is a fast-paced shoot-em-up strongly based after the old classic Asteroids. As you play, you can replenish your shield with power-ups and gain new weapons. You must also watch out for "Cleaners" which appear periodically. The keyboard controls should be self-explanatory.
  • Dodgin' Diamond 2
    Dodgin' Diamond 2 is a little shot'em up arcade game with following features: Top-down arcade game, One or two players, Energy based gameplay, Music and sound where available, Three different weapons with five levels of power and a companion bot.
  • Droid Assault
    (commercial) Droid Assault is a retro-style action shooter game. It harks back to 1985 for its gameplay and style, with stylised retro graphics and sound effects. Read more
  • Elephants
    In Elephants you must save giraffes while jumping on a rolled up squirrel.
  • Emilia Pinball Project
    Emilia Pinball Project is a pinball simulator for Linux and other Unix systems. There is only one level to play with, but it is very addictive.
  • Evil Greg vs Eight Year Olds
    EGv8 was originally conceive when Nizzity asked EG how many 8 year old kids it would take to bring him down. EG responded that no amount would be enough because he eat them as he went and slowly grow in power.
  • excido
    excido is a free (GPL) game. It combines (simple|old school|arcadey) gameplay with 3D OpenGL graphics graphics and OpenAL positional audio. Excido is not a highly complex experience, but you may enjoy it as a small diversion. It uses a number of libraries (all of which are part of the Debian Unstable distribution).
  • Exobius
    Exobius 0 is an open source 2D shoot-em-up for *nix and OSX. The game consists of 13 levels, which scroll in different directions.
  • F-1 Spirit
    The F-1 Spirit remake is mostly identical to the original in that you first have to clear tracks in a top-down view with stock cars, rally cars and so on by accumulating points given for finishing in the first places until you actually get to play the Formula 1 tracks. Read more
  • Fall
    In this game penguins are falling from and iceberg, and you have to bounce them into the docks.
  • Falling
    Falling is a fast-paced survival game involving a ball falling through wooden planks.
  • Farspice
    "Farspice, a melange odyssey" is an action game with some strategic elements. The goal of the game is to save in your base as much as possible of harvested spice (melange). You must to defend the spice from a lot of aliens waves. You can sell the saved spice to buy some weapons or upgrades for your base.
  • FAST
    (FontAsteroids) based on the original Asteroids game console, a spaceship with inertial control has to be manouvered through an "asteroid field" consisting of words of a web page.
  • Fishie Fishie
    Fishie Fishie is a kaleidoscope of high speed sea food, featuring a challenging one button fish control system, lovingly hand illustrated fish, fish related poetry, and fish.
  • Freedroid
    Freedroid is a free clone of the classic game "Paradroid" originally written by Andrew Braybook for the Commodore C64.
  • Frenesia
    Frenesia is a good, fun and addictive retro arcade game, a fast paced shoot em up game that will twist your body into a pretzel.
  • Froggix
    Froggix is a clone of the classic arcade game Frogger. The aim is to gain points by getting frogs safely across a busy road and a treacherous river to their homes.
  • FunBlobReturn
    In this game, you must find the end in randomly generated levels with cubes.
  • FX-Repton
    FX-Repton is a clone of the old BBC Micro Repton game. It uses the portable FOX Toolkit library. The original Repton game was produced on the BBC Micro and was the third hit Repton game for Superior Software.
  • Galactic Killdozer
    Galactic Killdozer is a PC-port of a good-old ZX-Spectrum era game, a Boulderdash-like 2D scroller originally named "Astra Down to Earth".
  • GalaXa
    GalaXa is a space shoot-up for X-Windows, based on one of the best games ever written: NAMCO's arcade classic, "Galaga".
  • Gallipoli: The Game
    Gallipoli: The Game, as a commander in the Great War (WWI), you take on the role of leading the prime of Australia's armed forces as they launch an all-out assault on the Central Powers (the Germans, Austrians and the Ottomans). Gameplay is similar to the hit PC game, Lemmings, except, instead of trying to save your soldiers, your mission, as an authentic WWI commander, is to wipe out as many diggers as possible ... the more gruesome the better!
  • gama2
    gama2 is a networked multiplayer 2D space shootemup game (StarWars).
  • Geki3
    Geki3 is a 2D horizontal scrolling shooting game.
  • Genuts Breaker
    Genuts Breaker is a remake of the popular classic break-out game.
  • GLAsteroids
    GLAsteroids is a 3D clone of the arcade classic 'Asteroids' coded in C using OpenGL and SDL. Features sound effects, menu system, highscore table, fuel drops and you can 'fly' around in outerspace blowing up chunks of spinning space rock with a high power dual plasma cannon until you get smashed to pieces, run out of fuel or save the earth from being pulverised.
  • Glasteroids
    Glasteroids is a shoot the asteroids type game for Linux and Sun computers. Mesa and Glut are required.
  • Glaxium
    Glaxium is an OpenGL shoot them up game.
  • GLHeretic
    GLHeretic is a port of GLHeretic to Linux. It is also the first usable port of DOS-Heretic to Linux which runs under X11, GGI, SDL, and SVGAlib.
  • GMonsters
    GMonsters is a small game where you train, breed, and battle monsters.
  • Gnake
    Gnake is a Nibbles clone for GNU/Linux (and possibly *BSD). It's played on a terminal (controlled by the curses library) with the keyboard.
  • Gnome Attacks
    Gnome Attacks is a Gnome 2 game where you bomb cities into oblivion in order to make a flat surface for your rapidly-losing-height spaceship to land. It is extremely accessible since you can control it "simply using one finger".
  • GNOME Breakout
    GNOME Breakout is a clone of the classic arcade game Breakout, written for GNOME.
  • GPL Arcade Volleyball
    GPL Arcade Volleyball is a remake of Arcade Volleyball, an old CGA DOS game in which 1 or 2 player play a 1-player, 2D version of volleyball. So far the game is almost a complete exact copy of the original, and include some extra features as themable graphics and multiplayer games. Networking game and sound are planned. It works also on Win32 systems.
  • Grid Wars 2
    Grid Wars2 is basically a PC version of the popular Xbox 360 game, Geometry Wars. Read more
  • grocks
    A small computer game written in python/tk. It is somewhat of a cross between Asteroids, Thrust and Koules, with a bit of sexual innuendo thrown in. Some find it quite challenging and addictive.
  • Heroes
    Heroes is similar to the "Tron" and "Nibbles" games of yore, but includes many graphical improvements and new game features. There are five game modes available. Quest is the classical Nibbles, in Death Match you start with very long tails and must kill your opponents, in Kill'em All you must run over lemmings moving on the ground, in Time Cash or Color modes you must collect money or pyramids of color. Heroes features 12 original sound tracks, 94 levels (in 10 different tile sets) plus a level editor.
  • Hugooski
    Hugooski is a children's game where you control Hugooksi, a cuddly bear.
  • Hyperspace Delivery Boy
    (commercial) You are Guy Carrington, fresh on the job as a courier for the Hyperspace Delivery Service. Your job: get mail and packages to those that need them, no matter where in space they are! You may face insane robots, dangerous environments, or even the dreaded Sleeping Behemoths on your quest to deliver the universe`s most important parcels!
  • Icbm3d
    ICBM3D ("Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, 3D") is a 3D vector-based clone of Dave Theurer's classic Atari arcade game, "Missile Command." You are in control of Anti-ICBM weapons which you use to destroy an onslaught of missiles (and other nasties) which are dropping onto your nation.

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