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  • AC Motors Reference
    (commercial) includes the following categories of motors: Induction Motor, Synchronous Motor
  • After The Meal
    calculates the tip and total for your bill. With a few clicks, you can see how much to tip from excellent to terrible service
  • AlSalah
    AlSalah calculates the five (5) prayer timings and the direction towards Qibla (Makkah) for a given Latitude, Longitude and GMT (All the directions are from North). It also converts a given Gregorian date to the Hijri date. There are no alarms as the intended use was for travelers.
  • bachus-lite
    calculates a quick estimate of a persons BAC. BAC is a person's Blood Acohol Concentration. It is given as a percentage generally
  • bb
    an ASCII art demo, provided by the AA Project
  • BBBike
    an information system for cyclists in Berlin and Brandenburg (Germany). Features include: display a map with streets, railways, rivers, parks, altitude, find and show routes between two points, a bike power calculator
  • Bubble Lamp
    (commercial) a fun entertainment application that displays a simulated Lava Lamp. You can change the colors of the Lava bubbles or change the background color
  • Chinese Folk Prophecy / Prediction Method
    (commercial) a tranformation of the ancient Chinese folks believe on to you Zaurus, IPAQ and QTopia users. It has been used by the Chinese for centuries ever since the existance of Chinese Almanac
  • Chinese Time Zone Converter
    (commercial) for thousands of years, The Chinese have been using these 12 symbols to signify hours. All Chinese Astrologies make use of this 12 symbols which are know as "The 12-Earth Branch" (12 Di Zhi)
  • Chinese Zodiac
    (commercial) use this tool to calculate what animal sign do you and your family belong to
  • Cmatrix
    a console Eye Candy program
  • Cocktails
    a basic Java program, where you can find out which cocktails you can mix with available ingredients
  • csv2keyring
    perl scripts to convert keyring XML files to plain text for easy editing
  • Cumulus
    aimed at the soaring community. It provides a moving map display with all the information you need to easily navigate while requiering a minimum of user-interaction. It uses a NMEA compatible serial GPS to provide it with information on the current position, altitude, heading and speed
  • Danielle Edwards 2002/3 eCalendar
    we not only bring you 24 of her most tasteful swimsuit shots but we also provide 56 different icons for you to customize each of your daily or weekly activities.
  • DC Motor Reference for sharp Zaurus
    (commercial) covers the following concepts along with Principle of Operation. Construction Equations Motor Types Applications Construction
  • Earth Voyeur 1.0
    a webcam viewer that allows you to pull in live images over the Internet from any standard webcam. Just enter the URL into the address bar and Earth Voyeur will display the image and refresh it at a rate of your choosing
  • FamilyTree
    (commercial) a genealogy research tool that allows you to bring all your information while visiting archives or relatives. It lets you easily browse through your relatives in a graphical view and add information on the go
  • GlucoZaurus
    a Bloodsugar Diary for the Zaurus SL5000D/SL5600. GlucoZaurus was written in C++ using QT/Embedded and the QPE programming SDK
  • GPSGaugeLite
    a highly efficient GPS NMEA data stream parser and display. It uses the optimized SerialPort SnoopInputStream class to parse the NMEA data stream
  • Grades 4 Zaurus
    an application for the Sharp Zaurus that is for the high school or college student who wants to keep track of their grades
  • Health Pack
    (commercial) comes with the following healthy options: Diabetes, Eye care, Blood Pressure & Asthma
  • Health Tool: HeartBeat Monitor
    (commercial) turn your Zaurus/IPAQ into a heart beat counter by installing the latest SHLCOM HB Monitor. With this little tool, you can measure you heart beat rate anytime, anywhere
  • I Ching
    a free application developed for the Sharp Zaurus PDA written with the Qtopia toolkit that is a Chinese Oracle Fortune Teller
  • IMKit-Anthy
    a Japanese input method that implements the InputMethodInterface of Qtopia
  • Java Lava Lamp
    (commercial) a fun entertainment application that displays a simulated Lava Lamp. You can change the colors of the Lava bubbles or change the background color
  • KanjiNirvana
    a kanji reference and learning tool. It is aimed at students of the Japanese language and anyone else who is interested in Japanese characters
  • King James Bible
    (commercial) an easy way to have all the books of the Old and New Testament with you at all times. It is prepared with quick access to any book, chapter and verse in mind. You can even bookmark your favorite passages
  • kjumpx
    a Korean implementation of jumpx
  • Liquid Style
    (commercial) a specially tweaked port of the KDE/OPIE Liquid style from Mosfetp
  • Lucky Tip Calculator
    calculate tips. Enter the bill amount and choose the tip percent to calculate the tip amount or choose Lucky to calculate the tip amount with a random tip percent
  • MatchMaker
    a peer--to-peer network application. It allows your Embedded Linux PDA to search for other users on the network running this application. Based on your user profile and the profiles of other people on the network, MatchMaker attempts to assess a 'match score.'
  • Morphine
    a medical calculator which helps in calculating several indices like the Body-Mass Index
  • myFlashCards
    a simple flash card application. It includes some customization and random card selection
  • NFDB
    provides access to Release 14 of the USDA Nutrient Database containing over 4000 food items. Each food item contains a complete nutritional breakdown of 25 nutrients
  • NotesSync
    a native Lotus Notes application that enables data transfer to and from the Sharp Zaurus
  • Nunome
    Japanese input method from Axe
  • Peace Candle
    a free candle that you can light in an effort to promote peace throughout the world
  • pocketcellar
    a Sharp Zaurus PDA applet for wine enthusiasts
  • QBug
    a car maintenance tracker
  • Qoverclock
    a frontend to change the cpu frequency of the SA 1110. It uses the Power Manager Clock Control Register (PPCR). Due to problems with memory timings only values of 162 MHz up to 236 MHz are available
  • qpe-pics
    basic icons for the Qtopia environment
  • qpeGPS
    for displaying a moving map centered at the position read from a GPS device. It's designed to run on a PDA with Qt/embedded
  • Qscmxx
    a graphical frontend of scmxx for Siemens mobile phones. It allows you to send SMS from your Zaurus using different phonebooks of your mobile phone. You have to transfer the phonebooks to the zaurus using this tool
  • RiseSet
    calculate rise and set times of the Sun and Moon
  • SerialMagic
    (commercial) allows data entry like magic from virtually any RS-232 serial device (including bluetooth modules), into virtually any program. SerialMagic provides this magic on multiple platforms, so great ideas need not be tied to one operating system. SerialMagic provides powerful control of serial data allowing that data to be used with programs that have no knowledge that SerialMagic is running on the same system. SerialMagic works with virtually all web and browser technologies including, XML, SOAP, ASP, JavaScript, PHP, CGI, Python, Java, and .NET
  • SkatBlock
    a utility for logging when playing the game Skat (in German)
  • smbmount
    a quick'n'dirty package of smbmount for the Zaurus
  • SpeakThai! - A Talking Zaurus Teacher
    (commercial) turn your Zaurus into a Thai language teacher, follow her teaching step by step, you may be able to speak and understand common Thai words much sooner than you think
  • Stargazer
    (commercial) a tool that provides stargazers with view of night sky. You can see stars by magnitude, turn on or off constellations, gridlines or horizon and view planets for a selected latitude, longitude and time. You can click on any object to obtain more information about it
  • Startkladde
    write down flight movements on gliding sites
  • TM Bio
    (commercial) a simple Biorhythm program
  • TxDrug
    (ftp only) allows you to get drug info about indication, contraindication, caution, interaction, side effect, method of action, dosing, notes
  • TypeFast
    a Zaurus port of typefast: a simple program that displays a character, and you have to type that character
  • U Fly
    a flight planning program providing screen entries for altitude, weight/balance, tracks and fuel consumption calculations as well as the ability to save and load trips fo quick and easy flight preparation
  • Vehicle Info
    (commercial) an easy-to-use vehicle information organizer
  • venusZ
    (commercial) a personal ovulation calendar and family planning tool for women
  • Virtual Kendrick
    shows you photos of Bill Kendrick (of New Breed Software), thinking about the things he loves
  • Waver
    supposed to simulate wave patterns using cellular auomats
  • ZaurusDemo
    a presentation application of this new handhelds series, totally innovating in the design and in the technologies implemented
  • ZCardUtil
    a front end to cardctl and the pcmcia init script
  • Zee Cookbook
    (commercial) a cookbook application for Zaurus. It lets you store, view and edit your recipes on your pda. Zee Cookbook can import Meal-Master files and can export recipes in Meal-Master format or in HTML
  • Zenie - The Talking Genie
    (commercial) plug in some headphones or an external speaker and Zenie will answer all of your questions. Zenie will hover in place until you press his button, at which point he will speak the answer to your question
  • zGPS
    a program for displaying GPS information on the sharp Zaurus
  • zTips
    a tips calculating program for embedded device like Sharp Zaurus SL series or Qtopia Platform

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